"Millionaire" 12/7

Here's how Ilona's game concludes.

5. In his memoir Open, what tennis star revealed that the mullet hairstyle he wore in the '90s was a hair piece that hid a growing bald spot?

A: Boris Becker
B: Stefan Edberg
C: Pete Sampras

D: Andre Agassi


6. Which of these candy brands is also diner slang for salt & pepper shakers?

A: M&M's
B: Good & Plenty
C: Mike & Ike
D: Now & Later

FA: Mike & Ike- $1K ($4,600)

7. In '08, Douglas Reinhardt started an Internet trend by posting pictures of what hunky actor w/ the phrase "Hey Girl"?

A: Bradley Cooper
B: Ryan Gosling

C: Ryan Reynolds
D: Channing Tatum

FA: Tatum (A: Gosling, who she nearly said)

Last to play on this first full week of Dec.'s History buff Dan DeLisio from Pittsburgh.

Topics: Serious Play, Doppelgangers, Joke Time, On the Block, Rocky Mountain Rules, More Meat, Everyone's a Critic, Short Stacks, Pack Up the Minivan & Special Cases

1. The Landlord's Game, a precursor to what classic board game, was originally designed to teach people the destructive consequences of private land ownership?

A: Clue
C: Trivial Pursuit


2. Noting their physical similarities, what TV personality recently likened herself to Martha Stewart, Glenn Close & Lesley Stahl?

A: Katie Couric
B: Joy Behar
C: Diane Sawyer

D: Hoda Kotb


A: 9%
B: 11%

C: 71%
D: 9%

FA: Sawyer- $100 ($2,100)

3. "Why the long face" is the punchline to a familiar joke about what animal walking into a bar?

A: Dog
B: Horse
C: Cow
D: Pig

FA: Horse- $5K ($7,100)

4. A green beret, Golden Globe & cowboy hat were among the top items at a 2011 auction of what screen legend's property?

A: Henry Fonda
B: John Wayne
C: Robert Mitchell
D: Burt Lancaster

FA: John Wayne- $500 ($7,600)

5. Perhaps seeking a "Rocky Mountain High", 2012 voters in CO approved Amendment 64, legalizing the recreational use of what?

A: Stilts
B: Trampolines
C: Marijuana
D: Pogo sticks

FA: Marijuana- $1K ($8,600)

6. Based on the nation that if a caveman didn't eat it, you shouldn't either, Loren Cordain's 2002 book is titled The what Diet?

A: The Paleo Diet
B: The Ceno Diet
C: The Meso Diet

D: The Neo Diet

FA: The Paleo Diet- $15K ($23,600)

7. What book was famously dismissed by one critic in 1966 w/ the comment "This isn't writing, it's research"?

A: In Cold Blood
B: Portnoy's Complaint
C: Slaughterhouse-Five
D: To Kill a Mockingbird

FA: In Cold Blood- $3K ($26,600)

8. The shortest in history, which President stood only 5'5" high & weighed 100 lbs., roughly the same size as Miley Cyrus?

A: James Madison
B: Thomas Jefferson
C: Martin Van Buren
D: John Adams

FA: Madsion- $25K ($51,600)

9. What Washington State Park advertises fun family activities like hiking & treasure hunts, despite its depressing name?

A: Fort Sadness
B: Disenchantment Reserve
C: Ingratitude Coast Trail
D: Cape Disappointment

JUMP #1 (A: Cape Disappointment; he would've guessed Ft. Sadness)- $10K

For $58,600: Referred to as a "haven for dummies", a unique KY museum's the official resting place or the retired tools of what type of performer?

A: Clown
B: Juggler
C: Trapeze artist
D: Ventriloquist

FA: Ventriloquist

Q of the Day: The NY Times introduced color to its front page in 1997 w/ a photo of which of the following?

A: California wildfires
B: President on Air Force One
C: NASA probe on Mars

D: MLB Playoffs

A: MLB Playoffs

CM #33:

$100K (Food & Drink): Residents of Singapore who love American comfort food can get their fill at local 7-Elevens that dispense what from vending machines?

A: Spaghetti & meatballs
B: Mashed potatoes & gravy
C: Chuck roast chili
D: Three cheese macaroni

JUMPED (A: Mashed potatoes & gravy)

$250K (Art): The famous portrait of a pointing Uncle Sam was originally a magazine cover w/ the title "What Are You Doing For" what?

A: Solidarity
B: Preparedness
C: Righteousness
D: Civility

FA (leaning towards the first two): Preparedness- WIN!


$500K (Classic Movies): Eagle-eyed viewers of "Gone with the Wind" will notice all but which of the following anachronisms in the film?

A: Radio tower
B: Electric streetlight
C: Electric lamp

D: Telephone booth

A: Telephone booth



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