12/13/2012 Results

LMaD: In the past two aired episodes, they've managed to give away five cars; also, yesterday, Kelsey & Tyler became the third-biggest winners to date this season! Here's a Money Envelopes Deal.

$750 R: Vanessa (a bartender dressed as a queen who's celebrating her birthday) has BB- Yamaha TW200 motorcycle ($4,785)
$1K R: Corey (a recent Webster University graduate in Sound Engineering dressed as a penguin): TURNS DOWN SB (CURTAIN #2)- Googly eye phones
Rebecca's R (a retail manager w/ the Peace sign on one of her cheeks): Four nights at the Sandals Whitehouse Village Resort & Spa (GE Value: $280)


Kelly (who's wearing a dress that has the look of a Disco ball) plays Go Big or Go Home for that Ford Fiesta S.

1. 3: BED, BATH & BEYOND gift card ($500)(Bad roll: 5)
2. 3: SB- Michael Green & Co. diamond pendant necklace (CT: $2,475)(BR: 2)
3. 4: $1K ($3,475)(needs 1 for CURTAIN #1, 4 to ZONK out & 6 for the car)- BAILOUT
4. 6: GO BIG

Katrina's FD Decision: $1,200 (BB)- Break-dancing donkey

Danielle has to make a stand in the Debate Deal.

PICK: GREENBACK PARTY- $3.5K stack (SE: Pig pen spa trip)

PD #2

Here are sisters Shalimar (who's wearing a rainbow wig & yogurt cups on her shirt) & Sharlene (black cat)

GB (freebie for each)- Three visage facials ($1.5K)
Shalimar's R for Sharlene: RB- Designer accessories for every season ($3,174)
Sharlene's R for Shalimar: GB REJECTED- MacBook Pro, iPad, $500 iTunes card & Internet for a year ($3,390)
TBR (CURTAIN #1): NEITHER- Turtle in a giant beach chair

Anthony (Roman w/ olive branch on his head) & Debra play Spell the Car's Name for the Toyota Yaris L (CURTAIN #3).

Control R:
D: SE- $100
A: GE- $50

D: #2- T (T-----)
A ($200): #8- O (TO----)
D ($400): #3 (because she's celebrating her 30th wedding anniversary in March)- A (TO---A)

But that's as far as they go- they both hit the ZONKS w/ #5 & #6, both missing out on another $800 each.

#1- O
#4- Y
#7- T

Kyler Adams (Uncle Sam) & Doris (who's wearing an American Flag shirt) play Time Capsule for four G's.

Prompt: Products introduced nationally in the '60s
Choices: Mr. Potato Head, Pong & Ken doll

Both stop w/ what's in CURTAIN #2, the $1,926 grill & smoker package.

D: KEN- '61 (Pong: '72)

BD #57 (Rebecca):

SD (#1): Kitchen ($2,948- not described at all)
MD (#2): Jacuzzi ($6,150)
BD (#3): '13 Chevrolet Spark ($12,995) & five-night trip to the Hilton Sa Paulo Morumbi in Brazil ($10,248)(revealed second)- WIN!

Jonathan later asks Beatrice (construction worker) to pick a number from one to 100 & she chooses 23, so that's how many cents she has to pull out of her purse & she does. Tiffany then gives ballerina Jessica a QD physical challenge & she does perform all five positions for $200. The result of the $500 QD for a D phone book page, however, remain hidden.


Millionaire: Let's see what they've got cooking for Houston, TX chef Andy Pickens; he wants to get a new job.

Pre-Randomized Board: New Nicknames, TV Addresses, Rough Language, BROADWAY ("Mary Poppins"), Fast Fancy Food, Mafia Connections, Honing a Skill, News of the Stars, Dumb Town & Devil in the Details
Final Menu: TV Addresses, Mafia Connections, New Nicknames, Fast Fancy Food, Devil in the Details, BROADWAY, Honing a Skill, Rough Language, Dumb Town & News of the Stars

1. Last yr., a former Obama speechwriter sold a TV sitcom idea set in The White House, appropriately titled what?

A: "800 Independence"
B: "1600 Penn"
C: "1200 Mass"
D: "10 Downing"

FA: "1600 Penn"- $25K

2. A mere Hollywood coincidence, Al Pacino's grandparents emigrated from a small town in Sicily called what?

A: Puzo
B: Clemenza
C: Corleone
D: Tattaglia

JUMP THE Q #1 (A: Corelone, which he would've said)- $10K

3. Coined by Gateway, Inc., the Midwest's response to "Silicon Valley" & "Silicon Alley" has been a high-tech hub called what?

A: Silicon Gulf
B: Silicon Beach
C: Silicon Forest
D: Silicon Prairie

FA: Silicon Prairie- $2K ($27K)

4. As part of their brand update, what fast-food franchise unveiled a new logo, omitting the phrase "old-fashioned hamburgers"?

A: Wendy's
B: McDonald's
C: Friendly's
D: Burger King

FA: Wendy's- $3K ($30K)

5. Stemming the tide of holiday cheer, which of these Christmas carols mentions Satan in its lyrics?

A: "Hark the Herald Angels Sing"
B: "Joy to the World"
C: "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"
D: "O Come All Ye Faithful"

JTQ #2 (A: "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen")- $5K

6. Which of these Broadway musicals is based on Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?

A: "Meet Me in St. Louis"
B: "Big River"
C: "Into the Woods"
D: "Ragtime"


A: 3%
B: 89%
C: 4%
D: 4%

FA: "Big River"- $100 ($30,100)(Row #7)

7. W/ state-of-the-art facilities including a kidney bowl & a fly box, Camp Woodward in PA is a great place for kids who enjoy what activity?

A: Drama
B: Skateboarding
C: Model airplanes
D: Sailing

FA: Skateboarding- $1K ($31,100)

8. Though it might sound like a special hand grip used solely by guys, which of the following words means to "rough up"?

A: Manhandle
B: Blokestroke
C: Dudesqueeze
D: Fellahold

FA: Manhandle- $500 ($31,600)

9. Without its necessary umlaut, which Germany city name would translate to "village of idiots"?

A: Koln
B: Nurnberg
C: Dusseldorf
D: Munchen

WALKS W/ $15,800 (A: Dusseldorf; he would've lost w/ Munchen)

Sherry-Ann Rowland from Jersey City (but originally from Trinidad; she moved to where she is now at 12) is aiming to return for the very next episode.

Slate: Southern Men, Verboten Toys, Greek to Me, Getting Dicey, Food Generation, Career Change, Weather on the Radio, Disease Control, BROADWAY & Dancing Snakes

1. This yr., which of these rock bands announced that it would still use the Confederate flag & the AL state flag at its concerts?

A: Foo Fighters
B: Lynyrd Skynyrd
C: Red Hot Chili Peppers
D: Aerosmith

JUMP #1 (A: L.S.; she would've wiped out on the RHCP)- $100

2. When asked if his kids had an iPod, who responded that they have the Windows equivalent?

A: Michael Dell
B: Steve Case
C: Larry Page
D: Bill Gates

FA: Gates- $10K

3. Reflecting his own heritage, what comedian once joked that he "always wanted to have a Greek sitcom called 'Olive Lucy'"?

A: Chris Rock
B: Zach Galifianakis
C: Steve Carell
D: Dane Cook

FA: Galifianakis- $3K ($13K)

Q of the Day: Which of these adjectives best describes a person who's been labeled a "fuddy-duddy"?

A: Sharply-dressed
B: Good-natured
C: Quick-witted
D: Old-fashioned

A: Old-fashioned

To Advance to Next Show: On a standard, six-sided die, the number of dots on opposite sides will always add up to what- seven, eight nine or 10?

FA: Seven- $500 ($13.5K)

WoF: The intro flashback for the second time this season tonight is the Hawaiian WC moment.

$1K T-U: Proper Name

_ _ N Y

E _ P _ _ _ S

Sara knows that would be the PONY EXPRESS. Before we can get this train rolling, we need to interview these people:

Sara McIver (Boulder, CO)- A physical therapy clinic receptionist & local church music director who just finished her Masters Degree in Choral Conducting
Stacey Swimme (L.A.; originally from S.F.)- A Wheel Watcher w/ grandma Carol; she has a 10-month-old son Parker
Matt Urness (Corvallis, OR)- A Business student at Oregon State University married to Alicia

$2K T-U: Occupation

V I D _ _ / G A _ E

_ E S _ _ N _ R

Matt IDs VIDEO GAME DESIGNER as the job.

Featured Trip: Grand Canyon/Great American West Tour

simple green Jackpot R: What Are You Doing?

Once this train has left its starting place on the tracks, he picks up three G's for nine $100s, four I's, the $900 set of N's & the $300 S at the beginning (to finish SINGING as the first word out of five), followed by an E & LaT. Second, Sara spins & calls a couple $300 C's, buys the same quantity of A's but then goes Bankrupt next to $650. Third, Stacey captures a top dollar R...

S I N G I N G / A _ _ N G

_ I T _ / T _ E / R A _ I _

...& keeps her $2.5K by SINGING ALONG WITH THE RADIO.

SOLE LaT: Matt

Current Scores:

Matt: $2K/Sara: $1K/Stacey: $2.5K

Mystery R: Place

Sara starts the search on this three-word location w/ a $700 R pairing, an E, two T's to triple her remaining $450, two A's but then the MDW's right Bankrupt burns up $1,100 from her this time. Second, Stacey spins LaT. Third, Matt just slides into the same regular Bankrupt. Sara next says a pair of S's worth seven big ones & the rest of the vowels (only the U's worth more than one, because there are three), after which...

_ A T U R A _

_ I S T O R _

_ U S E U M

...she has the right answer of NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM to take the lead w/ the $6,250 remainder.

SOLE LaT: Stacey
BANKRUPTS: 2 (Sara & Matt)

Current Scores:

Matt: $2K/Sara: $7,250/Stacey: $2.5K

Bonus Puzzle Blast from the Past #53 ('99)(Place)(this male champ called DBCO):

_ _ L L T O _

A: HILLTOP (unsolved)

Prize Puzzle R: Place

Former leader Stacey first calls three T's for $1.5K & the plate next to $900 that currently has her halfway towards a Chevy Sonic. Following her buys of an A & four E's, she calls a $500 S to officially add the Sonic Sedan to her current bank for the rd & purchases what's left of the vowel department (an O & five I's). Then, she's gotten a couple N's to double her $1K & also pick up the Yankee Candle stuff, a $1,600 R couplet, a $1,400 F couple...& then...

R A I N / F O R E S T

T E E _ I N _ / _ I T _

_ I _ _ _ I F E

...she's able to solve RAIN FOREST TEEMING WITH WILDLIFE for $20,660 in cash & prizes (Jimmy again forgets to say "from George Chevrolet"), plus a tropical trip to the Maruba Resort Jungle Spa worth $8,220!


Current Scores:

Matt: $2K/Sara: $7,250/Stacey: $31,380 in cash & stuff

$3K T-U: Song Title

_ I _ _ _ / _ _ Y S

A / W _ E _

Matt remembers the Lennon-McCartney hit "EIGHT DAYS A WEEK" to hit the $5K level.

R4: Phrase

His opening call's $300 T (very first letter in this four-word puzzle), whereas his first vowel buy leads to three E's. After that are two $300 H's, two O's but then the first stopper letter of the night w/ S. Secondly for Sara are the FP of a dud vowel in A, a $5K R, an I to finish the vowels, his/her L's for $1,200 more...

T H E / _ H O L E

_ I _ E / _ O R L _

...she completes the Usher "U Got It Bad" lyric "Tell her I'm your man, you're my girl. I'm gonna tell it to..." w/ "...THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD" to earn $5,950 additional.

DUDS: A (Sara), $300 S (Matt)

Current Scores:

Matt: $5K/Sara: $13,200/Stacey: $31,380 in cash & stuff

Speed-Up: Event

The Final Spin...becomes $1.5K per consonant in this rd.'s case. After Sara has the W spotted...

W _ N N _ N G / A N

_ L _ _ _ _ _ N

...the minimum FS amount's in the other two banks, but she adds six times that to her final winnings by not WINNING AN ELECTION.

AIRED DUDS: F (Matt), P (Stacey)

Final Scores:

Matt: $5K/Sara: $22,200/Stacey: $31,380 in cash & merchandising
GT: $58,580


Maxwell House Usual BR #61: Once we know her boyfriend's named Don, Stacey spins the M in GAME.

Realm: Place

This is all she gets right away:

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ E _ _ _ _

HDMA should give her the second word...

_ _ _ _

H _ D E A _ A _

...but no help up top dooms her. She won't get another $40K towards a COZY HIDEAWAY for the two of 'em, but still goes home w/ $31,380 in cash & stuff.

$5K SPIN ID #54: DT4663737

(Also tonight: No one responded right in Final J!, but Alistair Bell now has a two-day total of $29,199.)

All of these shows get 7 out of 10 ratings.


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