"The Price is Right" 12/7- DREW'S 1,000TH DAYTIME SHOW

The FF names on George's calldown list are Sylvia Page (who's wearing an Army hat, but she didn't serve for 'em), birthday man Timothy Bucklin (he just turned 30), Navy wife Nicole Strickland & Joshua Sterling. For this Holiday Gift Idea of the Day, it's an iPad 3G that can control a Parrot quadricraft aircraft (Manuela behind splitting sign).

Joshua: $800/Nicole: $950/Timothy: $1,050/Sylvia: $1,051

ARP: $838

Joshua plays Lucky $even (the first PG Drew taped) for...the '13 MINI Cooper HT (Std., Paint, Armrest, Xylon, Security)(Rachel).

Second Digit: 6- 3 ($4 left)
Third Digit: 6- 3 ($1 left)
Fourth Digit: 1 (ARP: $23,395)

Theresa Schafer's fifth & second as far as the IUFBs are concerned is a Nikon digital camera (ceiling).

THERESA: $901/Nicole: $825/Timothy: $1,200/Sylvia: $1,201

ARP: $1,300

Sylvia plays Switch? for a four-night trip to the House of Kooser (w/ two tickets to a '13 Seattle Sounders home game) marked at $6,077 (Amber) & a four-night stay at the Hyatt Regency Cleveland (w/ a VIP tour of the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame) marked at $4,870 (Manuela). She swaps...& wins!

(The first shout-out comes from the co-hosts of "The Talk".)

Going green second is gonna be Valerie Alland-Gonzalez & here are 10 pairs of Warby Parker (sun)glasses (Rachel in front of CR).

Theresa: $888/Nicole: $925/Timothy: $926/VALERIE: $799

ARP: $950

Software developer Timothy gets a crack at...the first aired cash game Drew hosted, It's in the BAG (Manuela & Amber). Our grocery items are that Virgil's Root Beer Party Keg, a box of Glad Flexible See-Through Straws, a big DiGiorno Rising Crust Four Cheese Pizza, Ivory Original body wash, six PayDay bars & a Quaker Oats container.

$.99: Straws
$17.99: Keg
$7.99: B.W.
$2.29: Oats
$3.39: Candy


$7.99: Pizza
$2.29: B.W.
$3.39: Oats

(The next shout-outs come from members of "The Young & The Restless", including Daniel.)

SCSD #1:
Joshua ($838): 20 + 80 = WINS $1K (Bonus Spin: Three Quarters)
Timothy ($950): DIME + H-D = $.60
Sylvia ($12,247): 85 + 70 = OVER

Seventh to hear the announcement's Brooks Inga & brought out's a MacBook Pro package (Amber & Manuela).

Theresa: $2.5K/Nicole: $2,300/BROOKS: $2,200/Valerie: $1,200

ARP: $1,929

Valerie from Ukipa plays any number for either three beats headphones (Rachel in front of Door #3 to the left) or a '13 Chevy Camaro 1LS (Std., Prot)(Amber).

1. 8- CAMARO ($ 2 _ , 8 _ _)
2. 5- P.B. ($ 5 . _ _)
3. 6- Headphones ($ 6 _ _)
4. 4- CAMARO ($ 2 4 , 8 _ _)
5. 9- CAMARO ($ 2 4 , 8 _ 9)
6. 7- Headphones ($ 6 7 _)
7. 1- P.B. ($ 5 . _ 1)
FINAL PICK: 3- WINS CAMARO! ($24,839)(Headphones: $670)

(The next shout-out came from Katherine Kelly Lang of "The Bold & The Beautiful".)

Eighth is Carolina Cuevo & here's a SONY home theater w/ some DVD movies (Rachel at Door #5).

Theresa: $1.5K/Nicole: $1,100/Brooks: $2/CAROLINA: $1,756

ARP: $564

Brooks' next birthday gifts (he's a Special Education instructional aid) from Escondido from Most Expen$ive ("Fortune Hunter") could be a home theater seating group (Rachel), a SHARP 70" flat-panel HDTV (Manuela) & the ever-so-white Elmira Stove Works fridge (Amber).

TV- $3,199
Fridge- $4,395
Chairs- $2,299

(Pauly Perrette gave the next shout-out at this point.)

Last up this week's Sondra Kader & Manuela has brought along an XM Satellite Radio w/ the three-yr. subscription (Manuela). Nicole's been here the whole hr. but will bid last.

Theresa: $300/Nicole: $676/SONDRA: $675/Carolina: $400

ARP: $719- Nicole's in!

And what a time, too...she's playing the Rat Race for the LIVESTRONG exercycle (Rachel), one-hr. weekly personal training lessons for a yr. (Rachel) &/or a '56 Mercury Montclair Coupe (includes V8 engine & AT)(Amber)- this is the first three car game show since the 7.5Kth daytime episode!

Rat Lane Assignments:
#1: Orange
#2: Blue
#3: Pink
#4: Green
#5: Yellow

SPs (Manuela):
smartwater: $1.99- $1.49 (BLUE)
Blender: $50 (YELLOW)
Five-piece Woosthof knife set: $250- $188 (GREEN)

DL: Blue

NTL: Green
Exercycle: Yellow- RARE BAD LUCK
Lessons: Pink

(The last shout-out comes from Craig Ferguson.)

SCSD #2:
Brooks ($564): WINS $1K (BS: $.55)
Nicole ($2,958): 15 + BUCK = OVER

(Note: Drew announces each prize in both Showcases today.)

LUXURY TRIPCASE (Door #2)(All): Lucky Jets flight to the red rock CASINO RESORT SPA in Vegas & a six-night trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil

BROOKS BIDS $16K ON LUXURY TRIPCASE- GOTC (ARP: $46,872)(Dif.: $30,872)

In front of Door #1- mojo photo booth (Rachel)
In Door #1- VESPA GTV300 (Amber)
Door #3- '13 BMW 128i (Std., Paint, Trim)(Manuela)(consolation prize music)

JOSHUA BIDS 38 GRAND ON BMW SHOWCASE- WIN! (ARP: $45,829)(Diff.: $7,829)

Joshua could've won at least $70K+ in cash & stuff, but he's not complaining about his actual GT of $47,667

(For the record, I bid $47,777 on each Showcase.)

TODAY'S PG RESULTS- 2-4 (w/ one Technical Loss)



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