"Family Feud" 10/17

MATCH-UP: Thomases (whose two-day cash winnings total $20,730) vs. Finchs

R1: 100 women were asked to name something they think most men they've dated have a fear of. Opening answer(s):

#3: (Strong/smart) women (10)(Martha)

DUD- Not making enough $$$ (Taffee)

Andres: Commitment/marriage- #1 (36)
Myles: Having sex (in bed)- #7 (5)
Kayla: Parents- #6 (6)
Derek: Rejection- #2 (19)
Martha: Starting a family/getting pregnant- #5 (7)
Andres: Being cheated on- X
Myles: Type of job the guys have- XX
Kayla: Unemployment- XXX

Taffee Steal (for 83): Falling in love- NOT IT (#4: Moms)(8)

R2: Name something you'd be shocked to see your grandma wearing. Hold your horses:

#1: Bikini/swimsuit (42)(Ramsey)
#2: Thong/G-string (17)(Andres)

Tawni (domestic goddess): Miniskirt/dress- #3 (13)
Heidi (a mom of four & registered nurse): Fish-net stockings- X
McKenzie: Zilch- XX
Taffee: Regular undies- XXX

Martha Steal (for 72 extra points): Lingerie- NO

#4: Halter/tank top (8)
BAs: "Hot pants"/shorts, tight jeans & hooker heels (3 each)

(Notes: This wasn't the Finchs' first appearance- there was a debatable ruling on their original fourth game that hasn't aired yet. Their other regulation games may air as soon as the week of New Yr.'s Eve.)

Double: Name a reason a person might be walking funny. Let's see who's getting the last laugh on this survey:

#1: Sore/injured (79)(Tawni, who guessed "just had a baby")
#3: Drunk (6)(Myles)

Heidi: Working out- X
McKenzie: On drugs- XX
Taffee: Gotta go/wet pants- #2 (9)
Ramsey: After making love- XXX

Martha Steal #2 (for another 188): Wedgie- YES (3)(271; "tight pants" also counted)

Triple: Name something that performs better if it's warmed up first. Did this game end here?:

Car/truck (61)(Heidi)

McKenzie: Human bodies- #2 (16)
Taffee: Computers- X
Ramsey: Stove/oven- #3 (8)
Tawni: Horse racer/athlete- XX
Heidi: Heaters- XXX

Martha Steal for the Win: Your voice- LOSS (BA: Cooking oil/oil)(4)


1. Name something that causes a lot of damage/destruction if it overflows.
2. Name a type of cheese w/ a funny name.
3. Name something besides your closet that needs cleaning out.
4. Name something a lady wants to be big & fancy.
5. How many pairs of undies do most men own?

1. Bathtub- 16
2. Goat cheese- DUD
3. Garage- 19
4. Wedding- 9
5. Five- 10

1. Toilet- 36
2. Muenster- 13
3. Attic- DUD
4. Ring- 26
5. 10- 38
TOTAL- 167 ($835)

We know they've got a cash total of at least $1,750.

2. Gouda
3. Car
4. House



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