12/17/2012 Results


David's R (monk of funk): $1,200 (BB)- SONY 55" 3-D HDTV w/ one-yr. cable plan ($4,252)
Linda (pot of gold w/ golden coin wig): CURTAIN #1 ($1K)- Gorilla in a ZONK Flyer
Liberty's R (a housewife & softball coach dressed as an Indian): SB ($3K)- '13 Chevrolet Spark (CURTAIN #2)(Alexandra the clown may be her daughter)

Going for $10K+ today in the Dice Duel are Savannah (a police academy student from Cleveland, TN dressed as a penguin) & Megan (a vet tech from IA dressed as a pig).

Control R:
S: 3
M: 2


S: 4/4- $600
M: 2/3- $1,100
S: 1/6- $400 ($1K)
M: 1/5- $700 ($1,800)
S: 3/1- $1,200 ($2,200)
M: 6/2- ZONK
M: 6/1- LOSS

TBR (CURTAIN #3): NO- Two-way bicycle

Cary's FD Decision (pizza head): $1K ("Are they trying to reinvent the wheel! Answers found behind CURTAIN 2!")- can-am ATV
Elisabeth's FD Decision (Go-Go girl): BB ($1K)(Wayne's Diary)- New England Tour

James Burress ($100 bill) has the opportunity to go 0 to 80 & drive away in the '13 Volkswagen Jetta (CURTAIN #1).

2. 10- TURNS DOWN $300
3. 10- CRASHES TO $100 (his costume, no less)

Sean & Shannon and Evangelo's FD Decision (he's Greek, the couple's been married for 11 yrs.): SE (volcano)- Volcano kayaking trip

SB (slip-on)- White gold diamond ring ($1,809)
CURTAIN #2 (sit back)- Living room ($3,386)
CURTAIN #3 (beach)- Trip to British Colonial Hilton Nassau

Jasmine's FD Decision (cowgirl): SB- Butter pumps ($200)
CURTAIN #1 (Jonathan's Diary)- Stainless-steel appliance suite w/ that Sprinkles cupcake stuff ($3,609)

BD #59:

SD (#2): Trip to Vegas ($3,700)- LOSS
MD (#1): Outdoor furniture w/ lobster tails for a yr. ($6.5K)
BD (#3; I think most of the crowd wanted her to choose that): Mitsubishi Outlander ES

Let's hope that wasn't Liberty going for it...NO, it was Elisabeth, who just graduated- this episode started out well but then went downhill from there.

A referee tries to toss a $100 bill he just crumpled into the pink broom (yellow stick) that a lady's holding in a QD physical challenge for $100 each...but it's a miss. The $500 QD w/ the black electrical tape remains hidden from view.


Millionaire: There's a LFaT of the show playing today- Shawn Sutherland from Moultrie, GA. His appearance was taped just before Meredith could start making her regular intros again, I think. Also rooting him on is mom Trish.

Pre-Randomized Slate: Sex Changes, Slugfest, Rooms with a View, Hairy History, Meal Break, Getting Older, Take a Break, Online Living, Not So Fast & Musical Monarch
Randomized Categories: Slugfest, Meal Break, Sex Changes, Getting Older, Musical Monarch, Take a Break, Hairy History, Not So Fast, Rooms with a View & Online Living

1. Growing up to four inches long, the leopard slug gets its name due to what characteristic?

A: It's poisonous
B: It's bright green
C: It has spots
D: It lives underground

FA: It has spots- $2K

2. Which of the following's a breakfast cereal & not a subatomic particle?

A: Neutrino
B: Quark
C: Gluon
D: Quisp

FA: Quisp- $25K ($27K)(it's a Quaker cereal)

3. On the '12 TV series "Elementary", Lucy Liu plays an updated version of what fictional character who's typically portrayed as a man?

A: Huckleberry Finn
B: Dr. Watson
C: Friday
D: Sancho Plaza

FA: Dr. Watson- $100 ($27,100)

4. Joining the company of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, what other Italian landmark's now tilting, w/ a dip of 16 in. on its south side?

A: Roman Pantheon
B: St. Peter's Basilica
C: Roman Colosseum
D: Trevi Fountain

FIRST JUMP (A: Colosseum, which was the last thing on his mind)- $1K

5. The late Donna Summer once quipped "It's nice to be the queen of something" when asked about being dubbed what?

A: Queen of Disco
B: Queen of Motown
C: Queen of R&B
D: Queen of Funk


A: 90%
B: 3%
C: 2%
D: 5%

FA: Queen of Disco- $3K ($30,100)

6. If you're a 9-5er, you might dread which month as it has no federal holidays?

A: February
B: May
C: June
D: Sept.


(Note: Meredith's wedding day was on Jun. 14, the same day Shawn was born.)

7. Reportedly seen as a "potent symbol of unity", the British Army forbade its ranks from shaving any hair from where until 1916?

A: Upper lip
B: Legs
C: Chest
D: Back

FA: Upper lip- $15K ($45,100)

8. Some scientists believe the appendix may have an important function within which bodily system?

A: Nervous
B: Immune
C: Cardiovascular
D: Respiratory

FA: Immune- $5K ($50,100)

9. Across the street from The Alamo's a hotel named what?

A: Thoreau Hotel
B: Douglass Hotel
C: Crockett Hotel
D: Barnum Hotel

FA: Crockett- $500 ($50,600)

For $57,600: Which of the following "viles" isn't the name of a popular social networking game found on facebook?

A: CastleVille
B: FarmVille
C: CityVille
D: VegasVille

FA: VegasVille

CM #35:

$100K (Shakespeare): If you hate Shakespeare, you'd most likely appreciate what play, which at around 1,800 lines, is his shortest?

A: Pericles
B: The Comedy of Errors
C: Timon of Athens
D: King John

FA (because King Lear was nowhere to be found): The Comedy of Errors- CORRECT!

Q of the Day: In the Babes in Arms song "The Lady Is a Tramp", "the lady" hates California for which of these reasons?

A: It's rich & it's vain
B: It's sunny & bright
C: It's cold & it's damp
D: It's foolish & sad

A: It's cold & it's damp

$250K (Art): As a child, which cast member of "Friends" had artwork exhibited at NY's Metropolitan Museum of Art?

A: Matt LeBlanc
B: Jennifer Aniston
C: Lisa Kudrow
D: David Schwimmer

FA: Lisa (A: Jennifer)

WoF Intro Flashback Moment #46 ('98- Summer in the City): The Jeff in the middle kisses Pat on his head after winning $19,900; after winning the BR, he carries Pat for a few seconds (during the closing chat, Pat remarked that you don't win any extra cash for picking him up)

For the next three weeks, the host's show monitor logo will be covered in ice. This one's titled "Home for the Holidays" & is on a set similar to the SSS.

$1K T-U: Food & Drink

P E P P E R _ M I _ T

S _ I _ K _

Hannah's guess of PEPPERMINT STICK isn't allowed.

P E P P E R _ M I N T

S _ I _ K _

Fedrecia adds the S at the end to solve PEPPERMINT STICKS. Our first set of solvers:

Fedrecia Crump (Rural Hall, NC)- A retiree from an executive-assistant position at a manufacturing company for 30+ yrs. who has six children, six grandchildren & three great-grandchildren
Hannah Myres (Austin)- A kitchen/appliance store manager married to Matthew who's a Dallas Mavericks fan that named their dog Maverick
Conor McHugh (L.A.; originally from Winston-Salem)- A composer/bartender who's doing a little TV work

$2K T-U: Phrase

D _ _ _ L _ / _ R

_ O _ H _ _ G

This isn't for DOUBLE FOR NOTHING- Fedrecia actually solves for the tripler.

Featured Trip: Two Meeting Street Inn courtesy of Bed and Breakfast.com ($6K)
Mon./Wed./Fri. Gift Tag: Homes.com
1/2 CAR of the Week: Ford Fiesta S

simple green Jackpot R: Song Lyrics (Pat in sleigh wipe)

She picks up a Bankrupt on the MDW's left side just like that. Secondly, Hannah calls four T's for $2,600 (one at the start) and two H's for another thou & the 1/2 CAR next to $300, buys five E's, lands on Jackpot & calls a $1K R pair & a $900 S, after which she buys the I, calls the $450 Y, buys the A to finish the last word (YEAR; the first word's THE) and three O's & finds an $1,800 M couple. Board now...

T H E / M O S T

_ O _ _ E R _ _ _

T I M E / O _ / T H E


...also the title of a holiday sketch on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" w/ an exclamation mark at the end of its title (& starting w/ "It's"), she solves "THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR" by Andy Williams to keep control, her plate & 6,750 bucks.


Current Scores:

Fedrecia: $3K/Hannah: $6,750 1/2 CAR/Conor: $0

(The first shout-out comes from the production dept.)

Mystery R: Before & After (Frosty the Snowman wipe)

Hannah starts by calling for two back-to-back T's in the second word of three at $400 each but her second call of H's a miss. Second, Conor FPs five E's (one at the end of word #1 & one on each side of the back-to-back T's in the second word), an I in word #3 & two A's prior to landing on the MW next to it & trying five R's. He then takes the risk using the solution from the second T-U...& it has worked out until he spins LaT next. Third, Fedrecia calls the L (the first letter of the first two words) pair for nine bills, two C's to make the $900 a total of $2,300 & a $350 S...

L _ _ E R C A _ E



...& a LOWERCASE LETTER CARRIER delivers another $2,650 to her overall bank, despite stopping herself before saying the second half of the first word the first time & saying LOWER LETTER CARRIER the second time before surprisingly being given a third & final try by maybe Harry.

SOLE DUD: $650 (Hannah)
SOLE LaT: Conor

Current Scores:

Fedrecia: $5,650/Hannah: $6,750 1/2 CAR/Conor: $0

Bonus Puzzle Blast from the Past #55 (10/15/04)(Phrase)(DCMI)

T _ I N _ / _ _ T S I D E

T _ E / _ _ _

A: THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX (Michelle won $45K)

Prize Puzzle R: Fun & Games

Conor's comeback starts w/ two $300 R's (one at the beginning), three A's & an E, then S for sorry. Second, Fedrecia has fitted in a $550 N, two I's, the $650 G, an O to round out the vowel section & quad D's for the same 1/2 CAR & two more big ones, followed by the same MDW Bankrupt to take that away & 27 $100 bills. Next, Hannah calls the $650 P & stops...

R I D I N G / A

P A D D _ E _ O A R D

...to rightly say RIDING A PADDLEBOARD to add onto her lead w/ that dollar figure & a Hotwire.co trip to The Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows in Hawaii (w/ an eco-friendly adventure from Hawaii Forest & Trail) worth $7,114.

SOLE DUD: $550 S (Conor)

Current Scores:

Fedrecia: $5,650/Hannah: $14,514 in cash & HI/Conor: SNOWBALL

$3K T-U: Things

F _ V _ / G O L D _ N

R I _ G S

An integral part of "The 12 Days of Christmas", Conor gets the "FIVE GOLDEN RINGS" to finally escape that zero mark.

Speed-Up: Place

The Final Spin's worth the big one! After a D's called to put this panel in Sudden Victory...

_ R _ S _ D _ N T _ _ L

S _ _ T E

...Fedrecia takes it w/ a PRESIDENTIAL SUITE for 12 grand (also in Hannah's pot)! Conor left twice as much on the table.

DUDS: H (Fedrecia), M (Hannah)

Final Scores:

Fedrecia: $17,650/Hannah: $14,514 in cash & trip/Conor: $3K
GT: $35,164

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (excluding cardboard): $2,700

Maxwell House $100K BR #63: There's a Jeep Grand Cherokee up for grabs in Bonusland this week. After seeing husband Artis (who looks like a bald-headed David Alan Grier, IMHO), Fedrecia spins the ' card.

Category: Phrase

Opening layout:

_ R _ _ L E _

S _ L _ E _

DPCO sound reasonable for this solution...

P R O _ L E _

S O L _ E D

...PROBLEM SOLVED- she's won a '13 Grand Cherokee Laredo (Std., UConn.) worth $28,915, for a GT in cash & Jeep of $51,565; $170K's been hit for the yr.'s Rebuilding Together bank!

$5K SPIN ID #56: KS2879237

Theresa Anderson (Valrico, FL)- Clothing sales associate
Susan Jann (Bristol, PA)- Operations coordinator
CHAMP: Alistair Bell (whose three-game cash winnings total $56,800)

The Week's First BB:
THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT (this was a bonus puzzle during the '88 "Wheel" NYC road trip that won some lady a pair of Cadillac El Dorados)
FROM B TO SHINING B (every correct response starts & ends w/ B)

Alistair hasn't lost a step recently, as he's in LGT already w/ $2,400 by the time he ends Math Fun as the Video DD pops up; Theresa's on the board w/ $200. For a total of $4K, here's Sarah:

The Venn Diagram here contains three sets, A, B and C, but there's another set that includes all possible things that's called this.

"What is The Union?"...not quite right- it was The Universal. He builds it back up to $2,600 by the time the ads start (only 12 clues in; there's usually 14-16 at that time); Susan's off the schneid to the tune of $1,200.

SOLE TS: Unattempted $1K bit of Children's Literature

Post-J! R Scores:
Alistair: $3,600
Susan: $6,600
Theresa: $2,400

Now, Double J! w/ a Semi-State Theme:
NEW JERSEY (Susan was born in that state)

Sorry, Susan, but even though you're the new leader at seven big ones, Alistair has his second DD appear in the center of N.J. w/ $5,600; Theresa's inched to $2,800. For 16 more Benjamins & a slight lead back:

Nike redesigned the NFL uniforms for '12, w/ the biggest revamp for this team that's closest to Nike headquarters.

"Who are the Seattle Seahawks?"...he scored on 'em to get back to first on this scoreboard w/ $7,200 (the headquarters for Nike is in OR; incidentally, they've scored 50+ points in back-to-back games, the first time that's been done since '50)! Is there a sweep in the cards...nope, because Susan catches the last one of this evening's game tossed by the $1,600 George, Uhh... clue w/ $14,200; she's only $600 behind Alistair & Theresa's still got hope at the $6K plateau. Susan makes this a $2K clue to possibly go back into the lead:

You know, he was a 1901 VMI grad, spearheaded the big European recovery program 46 yrs. later.

"Who is (George) Marshall?"...she was right to nod on him, which puts her up to $16,200! We hear those beeps before the last two Mrs. Hippie clues can be shown.

DJ! LT (all unattempted): $5,200

Pre-Final Scores:
Alistair: $15,600
Susan: $17,800
Theresa: $6K

Alistair: $16,800
Susan: $17,400
Theresa: $6K

FINAL J! TOPIC #66: 19th Century Inventions.

(Henry David) Thoreau noted in 1854, it "...resounds at every post. It is a harp with one string-- the first strain from the American lyre".

Theresa wisely didn't bet anything & responded "What is the telegram"...good move on all accounts. Alistair also whiffs w/ "What is a cotton gin?"...but also gambled $0! Susan...actually risked five large, but "What is a telegraph" gets her the win anyway w/ $22,800. Alistair leaves w/ $58,800.


7: "Jeopardy!", "Millionaire" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Let's Make a Deal" & "The Price is Right"


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