12/14/2012 Results


Janice's R (washer/dryer): BB- Trip to The Bellagio ($4,760)
James' R (server): SB (CURTAIN #2)- Baby man-eating plant
Carolina's R: CURTAIN #2- Adolescent man-eating plant
Michelle's R (princess): CURTAIN #1 ($3.5K)- Game room ($6,145)

Angela (pink princess) plays Car Pong for that Jeep Patriot (new car cue debuts).

Prompt: Dr. Seuss books made into feature films
Choices: The Lorax, Green Eggs & Ham, The Cat in the Hat & Horton Hears a Who!
GUESSES: The Lorax, The Cat in the Hat & Horton Hears a Who!


For the first time in a while, here's the Foreign Money Deal.

Jeremy (a college freshman studying Business Econ dressed as a duck): CURTAIN #2 (1,342 Belizeian Dollars)- Home office w/ a yr. of mobile printing service ($4,125)(BD: $697)
Helen (a great-grandmother dressed as a prisoner): SB (13,420 Djiboutian Francs)- VIP Nederlander Concerts experience at the Santa Monica Bowl ($2,067)(DF: $75)


Erica's Fact or Fiction Statement: WHAT'S BEHIND CURTAIN #1 IS WORTH $5K+
FINAL DECISION: GO ($1K)- Electrolux W/D ($4,136)

For the first time in S4, we're playing Call My Bluff; Misty (superhero) plays.

J: $100
M: $1K
T: $500
PICK: HERS (both staffers told the truth)- BAILOUT (to buy a new cape)

J: $1.5K
M: $1K
PICK: HERS (they all told the truth again)

Aaron & Jesse (an all-male couple for four yrs. dressed as gnomes) play Gold Ru$h for a '13 Hyundai Accent.

1. #4 (J)- NO
2. #2 (A)- YES (A-----)
3. #3 (A)- YES (ACC---)
4. #6 (A)- LOSS

Qiana's FD Decision (cowgirl angel): CURTAIN #1- Half-ton of fish
GB (Wayne Brady: Ring Master)- Emerald & white gold ring ($3,700)
BB (Technologically Sound: The Jonathan Mangum Story)- BlackBerry smartphone w/ one-yr. plan ($1,700)

BD #58 (Michelle):

SD (#3): Surfing equipment ($2,122)
MD (#2): Living room ($6,325)- STOP
BD (#1): Five-night trip to The Fairmont Chateau Whistler & one-week trip to Buenos Aires + $3K ($23,792)

Jonathan doesn't see the $500 QD item of a styrofoam packing peanut.


Millionaire: Sherry-Ann appears again as Broadway Giveaway Week ends.

5. Not referencing eating habits, Psychology Today calls who "The Sandwich Generation" because of pressures faced by their adult children & ailing parents?

A: Millennials
B: Baby Boomers
C: Good Warriors
D: Hard Timers

FA: BB- $1K ($14.5K)

6. Earning an impressive 72 delegate votes, what sitcom icon came in second in the race for the 2012 Green Party Presidential nomination?

A: Bill Cosby
B: Candice Bergen
C: Michael J. Fox
D: Roseanne Barr

JUMP THE QUERY #2 (A: Roseanne; she was leaning towards Michael J. Fox)- $2K

7. Considering the local climate, residents of Nome, AK can tune their radios to 850 AM & listen to a station w/ what apt name?


FA: KICY- $7K ($21.5K)

8. In 1947, 6M New Yorkers lined up for voluntary vaccinations, successfully thrwarting an outbreak of what disease?

A: Polio
B: Cholera
C: Smallpox
D: Bubonic plague


A: 62%
B: 5%
C: 32%
D: 1%

FA: Polio (A: Smallpox)

The last regular participant this week should be Dana Gold from Forest Hills, NY.

Category Rundown: Side Business, What an Honor, Double B, Nobody's Fool, Humble Beginnings, Show Some Spirit, Eyes Have It, BROADWAY ("NEWSIES"), Tall Statues & Back to Work

1. Fittingly, which of these candy brands sells its own brand of peanut butter?

A: Blow Pops
B: Skittles
C: Reese's
D: Twizzlers

FA: Reese's- $5K

2. Released in "Normal" & "Silkscreen" versions, a collectible doll made in what artist's likeness features interchangeable hair & a banana?

A: Salvador Dali
B: Andy Warhol
C: Jackson Pollock
D: Diego Rivera

JTQ #1 (A: Warhol)- $25K

3. Actress Blair Brown has the distinction of having a first & last name that were the last names of consecutive what?

A: Super Bowl MVPs
B: "American Idol" winners
C: U.K. Prime Ministers
D: Nobel Peace Prize winners

FA: U.K. P.M.- $500 ($5.5K)

4. Capitalizing on his famous catchphrase, who once released a motivational video titled "Be Somebody...or Be Somebody's Fool"?

A: Emeril Lagasse
B: Ed McMahon
C: Mr. T
D: Donald Trump

FA: Mr. T- $7K ($12.5K)

Family members Vicki & Mark are in the audience.

5. Before becoming a wildly successful author, J.K. Rowling worked as a researcher for what nonprofit organization?

B: Simon Wisenthal Center
C: Amnesty International
D: Greenpeace

JTQ #2 (A: Amnesty Int'l)- $15K

6. Held every yr. at Universal Orlando Resort, the U.S. Spirit National Championships is a competition for which of these groups of HS students?

A: Mock debaters
B: Yearbook editors
C: Jazz band members
D: Cheerleaders

FA: Cheerleaders- $2K ($14.5K)

7. While the mythological Cyclops was a giant one-eyed monster, the animal scientifically classified as Cyclops is a type of tiny what?

A: Spider
B: Worm
C: Crustacean
D: Snake


A: 14%
B: 30%
C: 54%
D: 2%

FA: Crustacean- $10K ($24.5K)

Q of the Day: In the '87 movie "Moonstruck", what does Cher's character say after a suitor professes his love?

A: "Snap out of it!"
B: "Get a life!"
C: "No way!"
D: "That makes one of us!"

A: "Snap out of it!"

8. What popular Broadway musical advertises itself as the "Supercalextravaganza"?

A: "Mamma Mia!"
B: "Wicked"
C: "Mary Poppins"
D: "The Lion King"

FA: "Mary Poppins"- $3K ($27.5K)(Row #4)

9. Named one of the new "seven wonders of the world", a 125-ft. tall statue of Jesus in Rio de Janiero's named "Christ the" what?

A: Deliverer
B: Redeemer
C: Protector
D: Giant

WALKS W/ $13,750 (A: Redeemer)

WoF Recap

Playing on the 6.5Kth Episode of This Version of Jeopardy!:
Matt Steinpreis (originally from Plymouth, WI)- Graduate student/research assistant
Carly Cramer (Orlando)- Associate editor of textbooks
CHAMP: Alistair Bell (whose two-day cash winnings total $29,199; he has a foreign accent)

Let's See What's On Deck For This Opening Rd.:
ROAD SHOW (photo clues)

Matt has the early lead w/ $3K & leads Carly by Alistair's first-half score of $600 on the good side (because that champ started out $800 in the hole; also, at least for tonight, he's wearing black Mr. Happy socks). Carly claims a Picture DD at the end of Road Show w/ $3,200, tied for second place w/ Alistair; Matt has a $1,200 margin. She goes for the tie.

It's the street of light seen here.

"What is the Champs-Elysees?"...she now has a share of first w/ that finishing point for the Tour de France! This rd. of play ends w/ her solely on top at $4,800; Matt has four biggies & Alistair will lead Double J! off w/ $3,600.

SOLE UNATTEMPTED TS: $800 (Abbreviations)
TOTAL LT: $2,600

DJ! Layout:

Both DDs in this go-round are left in C.W. Literature & Adventures in Journalism... & the center C.W. spot has one chosen by Matt as the current sole leader w/ $12,800; Alistair trails him by $2,800 & Carly's got a $6,800 deficit. Matt just gambles for a grand.

Geraldine Brooks' March imagines the war exploits of Mr. March, the father of the four girls in this work.

"What is Little Women?"...yes for $13,800! The week's last one...is saved to the very end by our titleholder w/ $15,200, $1,400 ahead of Matt; Carly's bank is now at $6,800. Alistair goes for another 12 crisp $100 bills.

An assignment for Sports Illustrated to cover a motorcycle race in NV led Hunter S. Thompson to write this book.

"What is Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas?"...right!

DJ! LT (all unattempted): $10,400

Scores Heading Into Final:
Alistair: $16,400
Carly: $6,800
Matt: $13,800

Alistair: $17,200
Carly: $6,600
Matt: $14K

FJ! CATEGORY #65: States' Highest Points.

This state's highest peak's 13,796 ft. high & is only about 15 miles from the ocean.

Carly asked "What is Hawaii?"...say a good Aloha to another thou, $7,800 total. Matt's also right, but didn't bet anything...wouldn't have mattered, because Alistair's $27,601 richer! Three-day total: $56,800.


7: "Jeopardy!"
6: Everything else  


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