"Redneck Island" 12/22- SOLO MODE BEGINS

Also, this will be the show's first-ever DOUBLE ELIMINATION EPISODE.

SS Challenge #6: Each contestant's handed six beers at Steve's place. For every question they miss, they have to hand Mr. Austin one of their beers; the first one to lose all of their cans is automatically eliminated from the competition.

1. Meat from a deer is called what?
A: Venison
WRONG- Donna (venis), Heather (deer meat), Kelly (venice) & Justin (deer meat)

2. ATV stands for what?
A: All-terrain vehicle
WRONG- Heather (blanked out) & Kelly (automatic trail vehicle)

3. The art of preparing, stuffing & mounting the skins of animals w/ life-like effect is called what?
A: Taxidermy
WRONG- Heather (blanked again), Kelly (T) & Donna (gutting)

4. What's the 20th word in The Pledge of Allegiance?
A: Stands
WRONG- Heather (one), Kelly (and), Darren (nation) & Nick (had the right answer at first but went w/ Heather's guess)

5. Which was founded first- NFL or NASCAR?
WRONG- Heather, Kelly, Nick, Justin, Eliza & Wade

6. You're in a pickup truck traveling 90 mph- how long will it take you to drive 90 miles?
A: An hr.
ELIMINATED- Kelly (only one wrong w/ 90 min.)

The Reckoning #7 ("Burro 500"): Every redneck has to race one lap around a track on a donkey; they're required to be on their donkeys at the beginning & end of their runs.

2. Donna
3. Heather
4. Eliza
5. Justin
DL- Wade (because of his donkey standing like a bump on a log just before the finish line

VOTE-OFF #7: By a 4-3 squeaker...in Eliza's favor, Darren's also out.


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