12/18/2012 Results


Miguel's R (a father dressed as a zookeeper who has three kids at home): BB ($900)- Digital camera package including lessons ($3,150)
Kristen's R (a UC-Berkeley graduate wearing a black graduate suit): SB (CURTAIN #2)($1K)- Costa Rican Tour
Dena's R (a soon-to-be kindergarten teacher dressed as a flapper spreading peace): ATM- $4,050 (CURTAIN #1: Marionettes)


Kenyatta (Serena Williams impersonator) will instead be doing some running in The Great Escape, where he'll play for the '13 Volkswagen Jetta.

TIME- :20
KEYS: #10, #15, #13 & #7- LOCK (A: #8; #11 was late)

Scott (martial artist) & Justine (princess) are friends for two yrs.

Eliminated First: BB (on the road)- Motorscooter ($4,599)

Justine: $1K (CURTAIN #3- in the home)- Bedroom ($6,095)
Scott: $1K (SB- in the sun)- Sunburn lotion

Samuel's FD Decision (bear): "CURTAIN #2 LEAVES TRADER WITH DEEP POCKETS!" ($800)- Game room ($5,395)
Natalia's FD Decision: "TRADER HEADS SOUTH AFTER OPENING WAYNE BRADY'S ENVELOPE!" ($1,400)- Six-night trip to the Majestic Hotel South Beach ($7,100)

PD #2

Stefanie & Jason (an alien couple who just celebrated their second wedding anniversary; she's green, while he's purple) could buy a car at the end of "My Husband Sounds Like a...".

1. Donkey- DONKEY ($2K)
2. Motorcycle- CAR ENGINE
3. Electric guitar- ELECTRIC GUITAR ($3K)

TBR: CURTAIN #1 (ALL-IN)- Chevrolet Sonic Sedan
BB (half)- ZONK beach cruiser

PD #3!

Ca$h Marbles Match-Up: Erin (black cat) vs. Charity (fisherwoman)
WINNER- Charity ($4.5K)

TBR (CURTAIN #2): GO- YOU FOOL (houseboat)

BD #60 (Natalia):

SD (#2): Stove, cookware & culinary package ($2,907)
MD (#1): Home theater ($5,460)- STOP
BD (#3): Trip to Australia ($22,588) w/ $2K cash & $1,225 worth of SCUBA gear & luggage

Delorean (tiger) doesn't follow the twitter feed, so no deflated blue balloon to give to Jonathan in exchange for the 500 bucks. However, the other two staffers are successful in their QDs, as Cynthia gives Tiffany a postage stamp for $100 & Cheryl has a Tootsie Roll for Wayne (she could've chosen anything edible) to also earn the Benjamin.

TPiR: After yesterday's episode, the car game losing streak at that point in the tapings was at 13. Because of Curtis Steinhoff's efforts on the first episode taped on 10/9 (& aired on 10/17), it ain't going any higher than 31. We'll put that off for now until Boxing Day.

In the meantime, Christmas Week officially begins w/ Chelsea Garcia, Justin Bishop (Thing #1), Nicolette Milum & Cheryl Huber. The Holiday Gift Idea of the Day's a BULL BBQ cart (Rob behind splitting sign).

Cheryl: $1.5K/Justin: $1,200/Nicolette: $1,250/Chelsea: $1,501

She was the top bidder on that $2,800 BBQ, so sister Chelsea from Vegas plays That's Too Much for the Honda Civic Coupe (Rachel).

1. $15,620
2. $16,005
3. $17,175
4. $18,980
5. $19,801- MIDDLE OUT

The Sun has risen up for player #5 Michelle Knight (princess) as the second IUFB opens, a Fluance home theater speaker system (Manuela in the clam).

Cheryl: $800/Justin: $1,350/Nicolette: $1,400/MICHELLE: $1,300

Justin has the $500 wad (Thing #2's his wife Ollie) & plays the Bargain Game ("Fortune Hunter") for a CRF 100F motorcycle (Rob) & a SAMSUNG 64" 3-D HDTV (Rachel).

SAMSUNG ($2,449): $3,949 ($1.5K)
HONDA ($1,880): $2,880 ($1K)- LUMP OF COAL

Coming on down sixth's Andrew Roy from the top-left side of the Peanut Gallery & the last one-bid this half is a couple pairs of YSL sandals (ladies).

Cheryl: $1,501/ANDREW: $950/Nicolette: $820/Michelle: $1.5K

ARP: $1,790

Teacher Cheryl (who's becoming a mom at the start of Feb.) definitely doesn't have to spin The Big Wheel first & all she has to do is Pick-a-Pair to win a Howard Miller eight-piece dining room w/ LENOX stuff for eight & monthly wisconsinmade.com pies for a yr. (Rachel), a prize package worth $7,381. The holiday grocery items this morning are a small can of Bruce's Baked Sweet Potatoes, a 12-count box of Spangler candy canes, a 16-ounce Holiday Treats candle, a 65-tissue box of Kleenex, an 18-Christmas card/envelope box & a carton of lucerne Holiday Eggnog.

1. Canes- $1.99
2. Kleenex- WIN! (S. Potatoes & Eggnog: $2.99 each/Candle & Cards: $4.99 each)

(Note: Rachel's baby is slated to come out on Feb. 22nd.)

SCSD #1:
Justin ($1,850): NICKEL + 65 = $.70
Chelsea ($2,800): 40 + 15 = $.55
Cheryl ($9,171): $.70

Justin: $.70
Cheryl: $.55

(Note: By this time, the staccato beeps are permanent.)

Seventh's Elizabeth Fredericks from the top-right crowd section & the second half of PGs begin w/ that small popcorn cart (Rob at Door #5).

ELIZABETH: $720/Andrew: $950/Nicolette: $600/Michelle: $750

ARP: $1,509

Andrew from Orlando plays Line 'em Up for a '13 Chevy Cruze LS (Std., AT, Prot, Net)(Manuela)(MDS Theme). Board:

?- $579, GE Profile microwave (Rachel)
?- $63, Earthmate florescent light bulbs
?- $685, SONY PlayStation3 package (Rob)

1. $17,382
FA: $19,652! (his wife Sarah tried to make him guess six for the fourth digit)

Dominique Conerly (reindeer ears) exits from the left side of the front row & an Ocean Kayak NALU 12.5 package's next to be bid on (Rob at GPT).

Elizabeth: BUCK/DOMINIQUE: $1,900/Nicolette: $2K/Michelle: $2,001

Elizabeth from Cape Cod (who just celebrated her 60th birthday & 40th Anniv.) just won herself a $985 kayak kit & could use it to go for six nights to the Outrigger Waipouli Beach Resort in HI w/ a 4.5-hr. zip line tour (Rachel) if she knows whether to Flip-Flop or not:


She wants to Flip, but the PG doesn't allow it, forcing her to just Flop...& win!

Santa Cody Magnuson's called last by Mr. Gray & Nicolette's last chance to get out of CR comes courtesy of a pair of Dev Valencia silver rodium earrings (Manuela).

CODY: $1,100/Dominique: $1,300/Nicolette: $1,600/Michelle: $1,601

SENT TO FFBC- Nicolette

ARP: $1,572

Dominique from Victorville will spin TBW first in the next SCSD should she not do extremely well at Punch-a-Bunch (Rob).

SPs (Rachel):
InStyler ($129): LOWER- $100
Cotton candy maker ($80): LOWER- $50
30-inch snowman decoration ($49): HIGHER- $90
BBQ tool set ($175): LOWER- $144

#24: $250
#37: $5K- BAILOUT
#3: $1K
#48: $500

SCSD #2:
Dominique ($6,956): 15 + 95 = OVER BY A DIME
Elizabeth ($8,919): $.80
Andrew ($22,488): 75 + 45 = OVER BY TWO DIMES

SHOWCASE #1 (Door #1)(Manuela):
Middle- Beachcomber Hot Tub
Left- Five-night vacation to the Radisson BLU 1919 Hotel, Reykjavik
Right- Six-night trip to Dubai ('94 Trip Cue)

JUSTIN BIDS $18,965 ON SPA/TRIPS SHOWCASE- STAGE GARF (ARP: $28,981)(Diff.: $10,016)


Left of Door #3- DELL laptop (Rachel)
Inside Door #3- Pair of Jetson motorbikes (Rachel)
Door #2- '13 Ford Focus Electric (Rob)(consolation prize cue)




Millionaire: Meredith can make her entrance, as can Colleen Doughtery from Northfield, NJ (who wants to replace the wallpaper in her house).

Pre-Randomized Topics: TV Firsts, Batten Down the Hatches, Financial Statement, Spanish Class, Pomp You Up, Why, You..., Steve Knows Best, Bi the Way, Color Commentary & Significant Spikes
Randomized Rundown: Batten Down the Hatches, Financial Statement, Pomp You Up, Steve Knows Best, Color Commentary, Why, You..., Bi the Way, Significant Spikes, TV Firsts & Spanish Class

1. The UK's National Pig Association has warned that because of recent widespread drought & the high cost of feed, we'll soon be facing a what?

A: Insurmountable seafood inflation
B: Global bacon shortage
C: Catastrophic veal deficit
D: Localized chicken calamity

FA: Global bacon shortage- $3K

2. In finance lingo, a "Santa Claus rally" is a surge in stock prices that often occurs at the end of what month?

A: Feb.
B: May
C: Aug.
D: Dec.

FA: Dec.- $7K ($10K)

3. Before including a football game, the New Yr. festivities in Pasadena featured a procession of decorated carriages called the "Battle of" what?

A: Flowers
B: Beads
C: Balloons
D: Costumes

FA: Flowers- $2K ($12K)

4. What '12 film based on a Steve Harvey book doles out sex & dating advice such as "keep the cookie in the cookie jar" for 90 days?

A: "Think Like a Man"
B: "Two Can Play That Game"
C: "Why Did I Get Married?"
D: "The Wood"

FA: "Think Like a Man"- $5K ($17K)

5. According to the Harvard Business Review, someone w/ "the mind of the white-collar worker" and "the hands of the blue-collar employee" is what kind of worker?

A: Red-collar worker
B: Gold-collar worker
C: Green-collar worker
D: Silver-collar worker

JUMPS (A: Gold-collar)- $100

6. In the classic Nintendo game, what type of animal smugly giggles & heckles the player if they miss on all three shots?

A: Frog
B: Fox
C: Sea lion
D: Dog


A: 12%
B: 13%
C: 1%
D: 74%

FA: Dog- $1K ($18K)

After the first break, we know that her husband's name is Chris (& they're an Internet dating success story).

7. What's the name of the twitter account that points out it covers "controversial things about sex" & NOT the person who "fought for temperance"?

A: @cecilbidemille
B: @idabiwells
C: @susanbianthony
D: @lyndonbijohnson

FA: @idabiwells (after correctly ruling out @cecilbidemille & @lyndonbjohnson)- LOSS

Coming into the classroom now's Special Education teacher Lisa Palma-McSherry from Staten Island.

Category Board: Helping Hands, Lyrical Lies, Colorful Slogans, Enter to Win, Tiny Hearts, All in a Name, Road Stop, Daring Diplomacy, Moon Adventures & Familiar Faces

1. What recreational sport's often done for the first tie w/ another person strapped to your back?

A: Surfing
B: Four-wheeling
C: Snowboarding
D: Skydiving

FA: Skydiving- $5K

2. Despite singing about it in the Rock anthem "Don't Stop Believin'", Steve Perry acknowledged in a recent interview that what area doesn't actually exist?

A: South Reno
B: South Miami
C: South Philly
D: South Detroit


A: 21%
B: 2%
C: 1%
D: 76%

FA: South Detroit- $500 ($5.5K)

3. Which of these household brands registered a trademark for the phrase "Yellow and Blue Make Green"?

A: Palmolive
B: Brawny
C: Tide

FA: GLAD- $10K ($15.5K)

4. Using humor to connect w/ viewers on serious health issues, CBS Cares enlisted Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne to launch their second annual what?

A: Mammogram Lottery
B: Colonscopy Sweepstakes
C: Pap Smear Raffle
D: Pacemaker Bonanza

FA: Colonscopy Sweepstakes- $100 ($15,600)

5. Which of these Dr. Seuss characters is said to have a heart "two sizes too small"?

A: Yertle the Turtle
B: The Cat in the Hat
C: The Grinch
D: The Lorax

FA: The Grinch- $1K ($16,600)

6. According to the FDA's standards of identity, what food must contain at least 10% butterfat?

A: Yogurt
B: Cottage cheese
C: Ice cream
D: Whole milk

FA: Ice cream- $2K ($18,600)

7. The word "motel" was first used in 1925 when a "motor hotel" was built halfway between what two cities?

A: S.F. & L.A.
B: NY & Boston
C: Atlanta & New Orleans
D: Chicago & St. Louis

JTQ (A: S.F. & L.A.; her guess would've been Atlanta & N.O.)- $7K

8. Known for his use of nicknames, President George W. Bush referred to the leader of what country as "Pootie-Poot"?

A: China
B: Iran
C: Russia
D: Germany

FA: Russia- $3K ($21,600)

Her hubby's named Michael.

Q of the Day: A popular Hanukkah toy, the dreidel's a spinning top w/ how many sides- three, four, five or six?
A: Four

To Come Back: Appearing immense in the night sky, a full moon that makes a close orbit to Earth's known by what heroic name?

A: Supermoon
B: Hulkmoon
C: Thormoon
D: Wolverinemoon

FA: Supermoon- $25K ($46,600)

WoF Intro Flashback Moment #47 (5/5/99- first week from Philadelphia): Scott solved his bonus puzzle GRAB A BITE & won a Lexus RX 300 (before that was revealed, he kissed Pat's shoes); the other non-cash bonus prizes that week were a pro sports package, a Jeep Grand Cherokee (which was won last night) & a Porsche Boxster (which Scott was really hoping for)

$1K T-U: Thing

_ / J _ Y F U L

_ E A _ O _

Steven says this is A JOYFUL SEASON...at least for the moment, it certainly is. Again, going down the line:

Steven Landucci (Moon Township, PA)- A 14-yr. optometrist who attended Ohio State Univ. & has been to the highest peak of 37 different states
Amanda Hill (Maryville, TN)- A stay-at-home mom married to Robby w/ seven-month-old daughter Caroline
Shannon Lewis (Key West; originally from Cincinnati)- A bartender at an Irish pub

$2K T-U: Occupation

_ A K E

_ E _ O _ _ _ O R

Steven also solves CAKE DECORATOR.

Featured $5K Gift Card: Beyond the Rack
Tues./Thurs. Gift Tag: Beef Bucks

simple green Jackpot R: Song Lyrics

He lands the Jackpot right away & calls a $500 S and four T's for the MDW, then following his buying of seven E's is a $500 H for the BB card but then the sole dud vowel on this board (A). Second, Amanda claims three M's for 21 $100s & a $300 L & N...

M E E T / M E / _ N _ E _

T H E / M _ S T L E T _ E

...& remembers Randy Travis' "MEET ME UNDER THE MISTLETOE" to not only lead off the next board, but earn $2,700.

SOLE DUD: A (Steven)

Current Scores:

Steven: $3K/Amanda: $2,700/Shannon: $0

(The second shout-out this week comes from the post-production folks.)

Mystery R: Same Letter (Pat's sleigh used again)

She starts by finding two T's for 11 bills, three E's & two A's, then come the SL of five $650 S's, three R's for 1.5K more dollars & the BtR card...

S E _ R E T

S A _ T A

S _ R _ R _ S E S

...& here come some SECRET SANTA SURPRISES for her- an extra $5,350 & that BtR shopping spree.


Current Scores:

Steven: $3K/Amanda: $13,050 in cash & card/Shannon: $0

Bonus Puzzle Blast from the Past #56 (10/5/06)(Thing)(Zack called CMDA):

_ _ N D S _ _ _ T

A: HINDSIGHT (not solved; Zach Kline lost a VW Beetle Convertible but still left w/ $32,550)

(Another shout-out, this one from the licensing & clearing dept.)

Prize Puzzle R: What Are You Doing?

Shannon starts by rattling off three S's for $1.5K & the 1/2 CAR next to $900, two A's, the $450 G at the end of the first word of five, two I's, the $700 D to complete the next-to-last word (AND), quadruple E's, R triplets for another $2,700 & the rest the vowels have to provide for this puzzle (three O's & a U). After that, she calls for five S's to toss in $2,250...

_ R O _ S I N G / _ O R

S O U _ E N I R S / A N D

_ E E _ S A _ E S

...she needs to start BROWSING FOR SOUVENIRS AND KEEPSAKES, because she's out of the gate w/ $6,350 & tonight's bookit.com holiday to the Sonesta Maho Beach Resort worth $6,600.

PR #2

Current Scores:

Steven: $3K/Amanda: $13,050 in cash & shopping/Shannon: $12,950 in cash & St. Maarten

$3K T-U: Place

_ _ _ I L Y

F A _ M

Steven can't finish the T-U Sweep by providing silence upon buzzing in, causing Amanda to add three grand to her first-place score by answering FAMILY FARM.

R4: Phrase (sleigh used again)

She puts in a $400 N, two O's (which finishes the first word out of six- ON) but then Bankrupts next to $650. Second for Shannon is the other available Bankrupt. Third for Steven are a $900 F (OF is word #4), twin T's to make it $2K (one T at the end), four E's, the $500 H but an I buy fails him. Following Amanda's $450 M, $300 D & $500 G...

O N / T H E / E D G E

O F / M _ / _ E _ T

...while I'm ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT, I see her scoring 1,250 more valuable bucks.

SOLE DUD: I (Steven)
BANKRUPTS: 2 (women)

Current Scores:

Steven: $3K/Amanda: $17,300 in cash & card/Shannon: $12,950 in cash & trip

Speed-Up: On the Map

The Final Spin's valued at $1,650. Shannon tries to pull a Caitlin by trying to solve the following w/ just the N...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

N _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _

...she does on ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, but not at the best time.

PR #3

Final Scores:

Steven: $3K/Amanda: $17,300 in cash & spree/Shannon: $14,600 in cash & travel
GT: $34,900


Maxwell House Normal BR #64: This "Queen of the Hill" spins the C.

Prompt: Thing

This one-wordy looks initially like:

_ _ _ S T _ _ N _

GDCI give her a fair shake...

_ _ I S T _ _ N D

...WRISTBAND's a letter off w/ the Grand Cherokee again on the line; it was WAISTBAND.

$5K SPIN ID #57: CL5414049

Final HHS Panel This Yr.: Fat Joe, Miss Info, DJ Khaled, Maino, Bam Margera, Owen Smith, Ghostface Killah, Donnell Rawlings & J.B. Smoove (CS)

X: Jason- 23-yr.-old w/ nickname of Gordo
O: Zanaiya- Peter calls her "Z" for short

1. Jason (MI): She's 53 yrs. old, never been married & she was recently banned in Iran- who was she?
Guess: Barbie
2. Zanaiya (DJ): Cosmo says after the bedroom, where's the most popular place for a couple to make love?
Guess: In the car
3. Jason (FJ): In school, the teacher tells you your participle's dangling- what type of class are you most likely in?
Guess: Science
4. Zanaiya (JB): Ghostface Killah marketed a product that's nine in. long, a few in. thick & made of brown plastic- what was it?
Guess: Microphone
A/D (to create two possible winning ways): AGREE- ACTION FIGURE (X)
5. Jason (OS): You go to a Mexican restaurant & in Spanish you order "the little donkey"- what did you just order?
Guess: Burrito

1. Zanaiya (DR): Your girl walks in on you & sees you jerk your chicken- what did she catch you doing?
Guess: Cooking
2. Jason (JB): Shaving a tiger bald would revealed what interesting fact?
Guess: He still has stripes
3. Zanaiya (OS- G-SPOT): Last yr., what was America's best-selling video game system- XBOX 360, PlayStation3 or Nintendo Wii?
Guess: Wii
A/D (for the bonus & to create three potential winning patterns): DISAGREE- XBOX 360 (O)
4. Jason (MI): You're at the market & you can't hear liquid swashing inside your coconuts- what should you do?
Guess: Don't buy 'em
5. Zanaiya (GK): What's the biggest organ of the human body?
Guess: Skin
A/D (to tie match): DISAGREE (X)
6. Jason (DJ): What's older- the rapper Eminem or blue m&ms?
Guess: Eminem
A/D (for a diagonal block): DISAGREE
7. Zanaiya (FJ): Elmo or Cookie Monster- which is the name of Snooki's vibrator?
Guess: Cookie Monster
A/D (for a tie): AGREE- WRONG (X)
8. Jason (DJ): What was President Obama's nickname in high school?
Guess: "Barack 'N Roll"
A/D (to win match): AGREE- "OBOMBER"
9. Zanaiya (DJ): Which album debuted higher on the Billboard 200- The Beatles' "White" album or Jay-Z's "Black" album?
Guess: "Black"
A/D (for Sudden Death): AGREE (O)

SD (OS): Which has been around longer- the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders or the L.A. Laker Girls?
Guess: Cowboys Cheerleaders
Jason's A/D: AGREE- WIN

$2.5K Q: What was the first Hip-Hop act inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame?

OS: Grandmaster Flash
GK: Beastie Boys
DR: Naughty By Nature

For $3K: Grandmaster Flash- WIN! (Zanaiya leaves w/ $1.5K)

(Also tonight: Susan Jann retained her "Jeopardy!" title w/ $19,600, for two-day earnings of $42,400.)


7: "Hip Hop Squares", "Jeopardy!", "Let's Make a Deal" & "The Price is Right"
6: "Millionaire" & "Wheel of Fortune"


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