12/19/2012 Results

LMaD: Wayne's got the glasses on & it's Beat the Dealer for the last time this yr. When this playing is over, we may not have to wait until tonight's "Wheel of Fortune" to have the Ford Fiesta S (CURTAIN #2) given away again.

$500 R:
Krista (workout lady): C- WIN (NINE)
Ereatha McCullough (spa lady): E- TWO
Carson (a college admissions counselor dressed as a Hawaiian): G (for mom Gail dressed as a referee)- THREE

R2 Prize (CURTAIN #1): Bull BBQ island ($4,861)

Carson: B (brother Brendan)- FIVE
Krista: F- SEVEN


Krista: D- ZONK (A: FOUR)

Moneera's FD Decision (all the way from the U.K.): CURTAIN #2 (______ING _____)- visiondecor.com LIVING ROOM ($3,294)(SE: Alien abduction trip)

Jessica (Mario) is tested on a certain kind of code in the Airport Codes Deal & could win a four-night trip to the JW Marriott Camelback Inn Scottsdale (CURTAIN #1).

Choices: PHN, PHO, PHX & ARZ

She's going for it, declining the Gold's Gym two-yr. membership w/ private trainer lessons ($2,016)(SB in front of CURTAIN #2) & $500.

PHN- St. Clair County International Airport in Kimball, MI
PHO- Point Hope Airport in AK
PHX- Phoenix Sky Harbor Int'l Airport
ARZ- N'Zeto Airport in Angola

PD (Wayne accidentally knocked off the PHO suitcase!)

$500 R (BB): Christopher (a business administrator dressed as Dracula)- LG 60" 3-D HDTV w/ media console ($3,899)
$1K R (SB): NEITHER LADY- Dining room w/ private chef ($3,475)
$2K R (CURTAIN #3): Allison (bridesmaid; Barbara the bucket list leaves w/ her cash)- Ping-pong table tower

Katy's "LMaD News" FD Decision (Indian): SE- $50
CURTAIN #3- Retro kitchen ($6,082)

Magdalena (who's wearing a checkered flag outfit & an afro) plays Time Line.

R1 Prize (BB): Panama Tour
Choices: "Home Improvement", "Judge Judy" & "Full House"

"Full House"- '87
"Home Improvement"- '91
"Judge Judy"- '96

CAR (CURTAIN #2): Nissan cube
Last Title: "Roseanne"


Range Guess:
'91-'96- '88 (the audience wanted her to choose the '87-'91 range if she had gone on)

Brody's FD Decision (robot): RB ($1K)- Michael Greene & Co. white gold pendant diamond necklace ($2,980)
Adrienne's FD Decision: FORTUNE COOKIE- "A Trip to San Francisco is in your Future" ($2,140)(GB: Fur plates)

PD #2

BD #61 (Jessica):

SD (#2): Ocean Kayak Torque package
MD (#3): La-Z-Boy Spa- GAME OVER
BD (#1): Trip to The Warwick ($10,815) & Louis Greek Cruise ($12,829) w/ $3K

And this doesn't happen too often- a QD engagement by a new couple, Ryan & Jillian; he gets $100 while she receives $200! For the record, the unaired $500 QD item was a blank birthday card.

TPiR: The first four players/elves are Debby Rosenberger, Andrew Elkin, Shannon D'Errico & Loren Gamama. Tues.'s Holiday Gift Idea of the Day's an iPhone5 courtesy of RetailMeNot.com w/ the one-yr. plan for it (Manuela; you can win one at the show's website).

Loren: $800/Shannon: $825/Andrew: $700/Debby: $826

ARP: $1,239

Debby won't be "Debbie Downer" if she wins a six-night trip to the City Hotel in Rovaniemi, Iceland (Rob)('94 Trip Cue) playing Bonkers...& w/ a wrong price of $6,764, she TIES THIS GAME'S RECORD OF FOUR SECONDS by putting the paddles as HLLH!

We know that the fifth player this morning's Julia Hollie & the second prize to be bid on in CR's Rossignol ski equipment (Rob & Manuela behind rising sign).

Loren: $1,275/Shannon: $1,750/Andrew: $1,751/JULIA: $1,250

ARP: $1,806

Andrew (a utility company worker from Rancho Cucamonga) plays One Wrong Price for an 8 GB iMac marked at $2,149 (Manuela), an LG French door refrigerator marked at $3,299 (Rachel) & the Inspire M-4 marked at $3,011 (Rob).

GUESS: Fridge (Gym: $4,295)

Standing next to Julia second's Darlene Painter (Santa hat) & IUFB #3's a flash memory camcorder (ladies).

Loren: $999/Shannon: $1K/DARLENE: $1,200/Julia: $799

ARP: $1.5K

Darlene from Hemet, CA plays Let 'em Roll for a '13 Scion tC worth $20,455 (Rob).

Groceries (Rachel):
Bag of Hershey's Kisses- $3.49
Christmas cards- $4.99
Box of 36 Pepperidge Farm Ginger Family cookies- $6.49

1. SCION/SCION/$500/$500/$1K
OTHER ONE: $500/$1K/$1K- WINS $2.5K

SCSD #1:
Andrew ($1,806): 45 + H-D = $.95
Darlene ($4K): 55 + 40 = $.95
Debby (about $10K): QUARTER + DIME = $.35

Andrew: $.45

The next orange player's Jacob Barrett & here's the "Price" Look of the Week that includes a Michael Kors gun metal metallic clutch & black suede/gold wedge sandals for her (Manuela) & leather Oxford shoes for him (Rob).

Loren: BUCK/Shannon: $1,276/JACOB: $1,275/Julia: $1,151

ARP: $1,414

Shannon (a Vegas pastry chef) has the Make Your Move board & could win off of it a BBQ tool set (Rachel), a pair of patio heaters (Rachel) & that ever-expensive Summerset Outdoor Living kitchen island (Manuela)("Grandeur Showcase" variant for first two prizes, tropical trip cue for the last). Hit us w/ a number line:





Next contestant's Andrea Calhan-Houston & here's the fifth IUFB of the Dimplex Essex fireplace (Rachel behind splitting sign).

Loren: $1K/ANDREA: $1,299/Jacob: $700/Julia: $499

ARP: $1,100

Andrea's $199 overbid means that HS band director Loren's the last of the FF to make it on stage & he plays Pocket Change for a '13 Toyota Yaris LE 3-Door (Std., Security, Mats)(Magnificent Manuela's Car Lot).


Second Digit:
1. 7 ($ 1 7 , _ _ _)(#16)

Third Digit:
2. 4- CORRECT ($ 1 7 , 4 _ _)(#10)

Fourth Digit:
1. 5- NOPE (T.Q.)
2. 2- YES ($ 1 7 , 4 2 _)(#3)

Last Digit: 9 ($17,429)(#15)

#16: ZONK
#10: QUARTER (H-D)
#3: NICKEL ($.55)

Karen Holderness comes out of the top-left audience section last & wrapping up the one-bids is a four-piece Ricardo San Mateo Hybrid Collection (Rob at Door #5).

KAREN: $750/Andrea: $815/Jacob: $900/Julia: $901

ARP: $1,240

Caregiver Julia has a free chance to play Secret X for groceries, dry cleaning & monthly maid service for a yr. worth $6,797 (Rachel & Manuela). Her freebie goes on the top-right square.

Chef'sChoice waffle cone maker ($49 or $70?): $49
Cuisinart ice cream maker ($60 or $80?): $60 (SX: Top)

SCSD #2:
Julia ($1,240): 55 + QUARTER = $.80
Shannon ($12,367): QUARTER + 45 = $.70
Loren ($18,529): H-D + 80 = OVER

Door #1- TVLiftCabinet.com Banyan Creek cabinet w/ SAMSUNG 40" 3-D HDTV (Rachel)
Near Door #4- Three-night trip to MacArthur Place in Sonoma Valley w/ balloon ride (Manuela)
Door #3- '13 Dodge Charger SE (Std., Paint, LoJack)(Rachel on ramp)

JULIA BIDS $37.5K ON TRIP/DODGE SHOWCASE (ARP: $41,280)(Diff.: $3,780)


DARLENE'S SHOWCASE (Door #2- this would've been the PP door):
Left- Five-night Vegas to trip w/ tickets to Cirque du Soleil's "O" (Manuela)
Inside- Sea-Doo Speedster (Rob)



Millionaire: Lisa doesn't have to answer her final R1 Q if she doesn't want to so that she can go to CM no sweat.

For $61,600: This yr., JCPenney launched a new ad campaign featuring what talk show host, who worked there in the '70s?

A: Anderson Cooper
B: Ellen DeGeneres
C: Jimmy Kimmel
D: Katie Couric

FA: Ellen- RIGHT

CM #36:

$100K (Official State Things): In honor of a prank pulled by University of Wisconsin students in '79, Madison, WI made what its official city bird in '09?

A: Plastic parrot
B: Rubber chicken
C: Plastic pink flamingo
D: Rubber ducky

JTQ #2 (A: Flamingo)

$250K (War & Peace): The only member of the U.S. Coast Guard to ever receive the Medal of Honor, Douglas Munro was honored for his service in what war?

C: Korean War
D: Vietnam War

BAILOUT (A: WWII; she thought Korean while he thought it was Vietnam)

We start a fresh game w/ Broadway stitcher Danita Mercer from Brooklyn.

Category Menu: Sporty Style, Other Uses, Military Vessels, Toolbox Maladies, Play Time, Nice Moves, Animal Symbols, Pays the Bills, Placebo Effect & Words of Warming

1. Switching to a more body-contoured uniformed this yr., what sports league's players were referred to as "300-Pound Fashion Victims" in a recent article?


FA: NFL- $500

2. Commonly used to flavor root beer, what plant does the "American Druggiest and Pharmaceutical Record" say was once used to treat syphillis?

A: Marjoram
B: Oregano
C: Sarsaparilla
D: Dill

FA: Sarsaparilla- $25K ($25.5K)

3. Given the military service of its namesake, it's appropriate that the Navy's USS Jimmy Carter's what type of vessel?

A: Minesweeper
B: Submarine
C: Aircraft carrier
D: Battleship

JTQ #1 (A: Sub)- $1K

4. High-heeled shoes can cause one's toes to be unnaturally bent in the joints, a medical condition commonly known as what?

A: Shovel toe
B: Vise toe
C: Hammer toe
D: Wrench toe

FA: Hammer toe- $15K ($40.5K)

5. Often seen at outdoor children's parties, a bounce house's enjoyed by kids in the same way they play w/ what?

A: Merry-go-round
B: Seesaw
C: Trampoline
D: Sandbox

FA: Trampoline- $7K ($47.5K)

6. Long before the "Moonwalk", Michael Jackson popularized what dance move during a '73 performance of "Dancing Machine"?

A: The Hustle
B: The Robot
C: The Running Man
D: The Worm

FA: The Robot- $100 ($47,600)

7. A kangaroo & an emu are prominently featured on what country's official coat of arms?

A: Australia
B: Indonesia
C: South Africa
D: Argentina

FA: Australia- $3K ($50,600)

8. What classic film was based on a novel whose author admitted he wrote it to finance a gambling habit & support a family?

A: "Misery"
B: "The Lord of the Rings"
C: "The Godfather"
D: "The Wizard of Oz"

JTQ #2 (A: "The Godfather", which she knew)- $2K

9. Reportedly, at least 75% of what urban staple has a solely "placebo" function in the city of NY?

A: Crosswalk buttons
B: Subway rails
C: Public clocks
D: Turn signals

FA: Crosswalk buttons- $5K ($55,600)

Q of the Day: The song "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" was written for what classic musical?

A: "Holiday Inn"
B: "Show Boat"
C: "Babes in Toyland"
D: "Meet Me in St. Louis"

A: "Meet Me in St. Louis"

For $65,600: A 2011 book, The Global Warming Reader includes a contribution by what former politician?

A: Dan Quayle
B: Bob Dole
C: Water Mondale
D: Al Gore

FA: Gore- YEAH

CM #37:

$100K (Science): Four different elements on The Periodic Table, ytterbium, yttrium, terbium & erbium, are all named for the same what?

A: Romanian river
B: Moroccan desert
C: Turkish mountain
D: Swedish village


A: 25%
B: 12%
C: 47%
D: 16%

FA: Turkish mountain (A: Swedish village)

WoF Intro Flashback Moment #48 (2/1/11- Teachers' Week): At the end of an episode, Pat said it was freezing in the studio, so Vanna pulled out a couple body heaters

$1K T-U: Title

_ / _ _ _ _ _ _ M _ S

_ _ _ _ _

Renee locks in "A CHRISTMAS CAROL"...right she is. Going down the line one more time:

Renee Durette (Merritt Island, FL)- A Navy Intel Specialist who's served 'em for eight yrs., as well as being a reservist & foreign disclosure office contractor at SATCOM in Tampa; also, she's a PEZ dispenser collector (one of the many she owns is a footless fireman)
Amy Vincenti (Jenkins Township, PA)- A pharmacist married to Dave who once skydived out of a plane
Scott Sutton (Lake Stevens, WA)- A journeyman meterman married to Kristen w/ two daughters (Brigite & Barren)

$2K T-U: On the Map

_ C _ _ T _ S _

_ _ _ H _ _ _ D S

Renee IDs the SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS for the x3.

Featured Trip: The Roosevelt Hotel w/ Broadway.com tickets & opportunity to attend workshop ($6,410)

simple green Jackpot R: Phrase

She spins that wheel & says two R's for $1K while on the Jackpot but then N for no while on the Homes.com gift tag. Second, Amy calls three T's for $1.5K & the 1/2 CAR next to $300 and a $400 B at the beginning of the puzzle & spins LaT. Third, Scott's found nothing by calling for a C. Resuming her turn, Renee wants four E's, the $450 D at the end of the second word of three, a $1.5K S trio (but she can't solve for the $8,350 Jackpot she's on) & after purchasing an I & three A's...


S _ _ D

S E _ A R A T E _ _

...she's 3-for-3 w/ BATTERIES SOLD SEPARATELY, adding the remaining $2,200 & now standing at $5,200.

DUDS: $500 C (Scott), $500 N (Renee)

(A shout-out comes from the marketing & promotions departments.)

Mystery R: Quotation (big puzzle alert)

Amy's off to a $1,050 start w/ tres T's; her subsequent letters are four H's for $1,800 additional, five E's, twin R's for another 11 bills, triple I's but then F for a consonant calling fail. Secondly, Scott picks up the same 1/2 CAR via three $500 N's, an O and A & a $900 C set, then Vanna has revealed so far this rd...

_ T O C _ I N _ _

_ E R E / H _ N _ / _ _

T H E / C H I _ N E _

_ I T H / C A R E

...he thinks he recalls the given "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" line as "STOCKINGS WERE HUNG BY THE CHIMNEY WITH CARE"...it was for his first payday of $1,900 & to stay as the spinner.

SOLE DUD: $800 F (Amy)

Current Scores:

Renee: $5,200/Amy: $0/Scott: $1,900 1/2 CAR

Bonus Puzzle Blast from the Past #57 (Fall '02)(Living Things)(Tom called PMCI):

_ _ P P I E S


Prize Puzzle R: Things

He starts w/ that puzzle-ending S for $900, three R's to quadruple the figure, an E & a $500 G to take off the WC, after which are an I, a $900 N, an A triplet but then the MDW's left-side Bankrupt wipes him out of his cardboard & $4,250. Renee then subsequently spins its other Bankrupt. Amy tries to capitalize by calling those back-to-back L's in between the last A & S for a thou...

R _ A R I N G

_ A _ E R _ A L L S

...and these ROARING WATERFALLS guide her onto the top of the scoreboard w/ that much dough & a trip from Hotwire.com to the Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa at Keauhou Bay worth $8.5K.

BANKRUPTS: 2 (Scott & Rene)

Current Scores:

Renee: $5,200/Amy: $9.5K in cash & HI/Scott: $1,900

$3K T-U: Person

A _ P I R _ N G

A R _ _ _ _

Renee has swept the T-Us due to an ASPIRING ARTIST; she's $1,300 off first place.

R4: Living Things

That Navy lady initially captures quadruple S's for 12 Benjamins (one at the beginning, but there isn't one at the end) & trip S's for an extra $1.5K, then she digs up double E's, a $900 M couplet & a $500 G at the end...

S E _ E N / S _ _ N S

_ - S _ _ M M _ N G

...before another item from "The 12 Days of Christmas" gets remembered this week, "SEVEN SWANS A-SWIMMING"- unfortunately, she's disqualified for leaving out the G in her pronunciation (a similar thing happened at least once on the Aussie version), so she doesn't get first place back at this time. Amy follows suit by FPing the V for $500 & calling the last remaining consonants of dos W's for an added $1,400...

S E V E N / S W _ N S

A - S W _ M M _ N G

...& she pronounces the solution in full to pad her lead by $1,900.

SOLE DQ: Renee (missolve)

Video Bonus: You Make the Call Missolve Moment

Current Scores:

Renee: $8,200/Amy: $11,400 in cash & trip/Scott: $1,900

Speed-Up: Food & Drink

The Final Spin's $1,800 tonight. After the P's pop up...

_ _ _ _ _ R _ _

P _ P _ _ R N

...speaking of things that pop, Scott solves BUTTERED POPCORN to earn 7,200 more dollars.

DUDS: M & S (both by Amy)

Final Scores:

Renee: $8,200/Amy: $11,400 in cash & travel/Scott: $9,100
GT: $28,700

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (extras not included): $4,250

Maxwell House Typical BR #65: The three-star spot is where the Bonus Wheel halts for Amy.

Subject: Thing

This is another thing you can warm up during the season w/:

_ E _ _ _

_ _ E R _ _ _ T

HCDO are good picks...

H E _ _ _

O _ E R C O _ T

...this couple's going to have to put a HEAVY OVERCOAT in their '13 Jeep Grand Cherokee, because it's theirs as well, for a total in cash & stuff of $45,315, and $172.5K's in the Rebuilding Together bank!

$5K SPIN ID #58: RF3999574

Jeannie Blanke (Newbury Park, CA)- Insurance office manager (her hubby's in attendance)
Justin Kowal (Glen Burnie, MD)- Financial manager
CHAMP: Susan Jann (whose two-day cash winnings total $42,400)

In Terms of Tonight's First Six Categories, Light 'em Up:

After successes on the first two All Over the World clues, Justin goes DD Hunting in the center of Governors...no DD yet, but he's the halftime leader $4,600-$3,600 over Susan; the deficit's $1K (& that's how much Jeannie is in the red, as far as this game's concerned). The DD of the rd.'s chosen by...Susan inside the $1K Mything in Action box, now sitting on -$800; Justin's still hanging onto the lead, $4,200-$3,800. To get Jeannie to just 200 negative bucks:

Oh, the heartache! After the hero Aeneas left her, Dido, the queen of this land, took her own life.

"What is Greece?"...no, it was Carthage. They use the HS Strategy on the Wordplay Random Sampler & time runs out before they could get a look at the $200 answer, but Susan's now ahead $7K-$5,200; Jeannie's back at a bad $800.

SOLE ATTEMPTED TS: $400 (Mything in Action)
TOTAL LT: $2,200

Double J! Tournament:

Jeannie responds correctly on the $800 Medical Etymology clue to get a second shot at a DD three clues into this rd. while back at square one; the champ was right on the first clue. Jeannie tries for a G-spot this clue:

From the Greek for "coal", it's transmitted by farm animals, contaminated wool & biological weapons.

"What is Anthrax?"...yes indeedy. Shortly thereafter, they resume DD Hunting...& the last one's chosen by Justin from $1,600 worth of A Little Lit; he has $12K & is trailing the titleholder by $4,200, leaving Jeannie at a positive $3,400. He bets $2,400 w/ a minute left in this rd. of play.

Umberto Eco wrote a parody of this novel, having Umberto Umberto fall for the aged Granita.

Nothing from him- the title was Lolita. Time expires on the $400 Film School & "De" clues, plus the $800 "De" answer.

TOTAL DJ! LT: $6,800

Pre-Final J! Totals:
Susan: $17,400
Justin: $11,600

Susan: $17,400
Justin: $14K
Jeannie: $4,200

FJ! TOPIC #68: Shakespeare.

The last speech in this play says "No grave upon the earth shall clip in it a pair so famous".

Response: "What is Antony and Cleopatra?"
Final score: $6,400

Justin has to be right...but "What are Troilus & Cressida?" appears instead, ending his game w/ $5,799. Susan incorrectly agreed w/ me on Romeo & Juliet, but she's $11,400 wealthier for a three-day total of $53,800.


7: "Jeopardy!", "Millionaire", "The Price is Right" & "Wheel of Fortune"
6: "Let's Make a Deal"


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