12/12/2012 Results

LMaD: The couple of Kelsey (a student getting her Communications degree dressed as candy corn) & Tyler (a Marine dressed as a scarecrow; they've been married for two years & been together for five overall) could become the third couple this week to win a car if they ultimately turn down the $1,750 inside a package of Big Daddy's Peanut Butter Cups...they buy CURTAIN #2.

#1 (at least $1K)- 84 pounds of bubble wrap ($1,060)
BB (TBR)- Trip to Marriott Aruba Resort & Stellaris Casino ($6,782)
#2 (at least $2K)- Home theater ($4,829)

Brett (moose) & Gayle (a seven-yr. bounty hunter) are playing Rock, Paper, Scissors; this season, the screens for this game are now on a gameboard.

B: #2- PAPER

CAR (CURTAIN #3): Nissan Versa


(Note: Teresa, a woman dressed as a black mouse who sits next to her, wanted her to pick the paper.)

There was certainly No Complaining at the end of the last deal & hopefully that will stay true throughout this next deal.

Rejected by Karissa (mustache): Trip to The Portofino ($2,650)
BB (Karissa)- People S200 scooter
SE (Christina)- Fred Segal Salon makeover
BB (Patricia, dressed as a foiled spoon)- Moss pumps

Sound Effects Deal Match-Up: Mark (pig) vs. Madeline (yellow bird masquerade mask)

He turns down $500 to buy a curtain, #2 in this case.

#3 (w/ sound effects as a clue)- Nacho cheese hot tub
#2- '13 KIA Forte LX

PD #2!

Let's put aside the cars for now & have Jennifer (a mom dressed as a bird watcher) play the Ca$h Train for thousands of bucks.

1. #1: $500
2. #1: TRIPLE

In the offering as far as sure things go is a $2,231 visiondecor.com bedroom (CURTAIN #1).

3. #3: WIPEOUT (#1: $1,250/#2: $1.5K)

At this point, for each ZONK she finds in each of the last two rows, she'll be given $200 back.

4. #1: $2.5K
5. #1: $3.5K- TOTAL LOSS (all three ZONKS were behind the #3s)

Helen Eckert's FD Decision: $500 Sur la Table gift tag & the Let's Cook a Deal surprise- Kitchen w/ knife block (GT: $4,523)
Latisha's FD Decision: $500 (CURTAIN #3)- Gorilla-riding caveman tricycle

PD #3

BD #56:

SD (#2)- Callaway Golf equipment ($2,643)
MD (#1)- Outdoor living room w/ $1K LOWE'S gift card ($5,485)
BD (#3)- '13 Subaru Forester/camping equipment package- KELSEY'S CHOICE WINS HER & TYLER (they were torn between #2 & #3- Gayle thought #2, while Mark was thinking of #3) THE $25,499 BD OF THE DAY & COMPLETES A THREE-CAR SWEEP!

(Note: Wayne even says afterwards we've given away well over $50K in cash & merchandise, including all of the automobiles, & he even rubs it in Drew's face!)

Shannon (cupcake)(Wayne): Sprinkles ($100)- NO
Bryant (blue wig)(Jonathan): Bubble wand ($500)- YES IN A BOTTLE!
Henry (prisoner)(Tiffany): Recalling 666247 on his uniform ($200)- 362336
Eda (Jonathan): Five dimes ($100)- ONLY ONE
Miguel (Wayne): Afro pick ($100)- SORRY

To be exact, the GT total today's $63,596!


Millionaire: David continues to play, now w/ girlfriend Mary Ann in the audience (& they just bought a fire pit that didn't fit inside their house).

5. Excluding the center candle which is used to light the others, how many candles will have been lit by the end of the eight-day Hanukkah celebration?

A: 24
B: 30
C: 36
D: 42

FA: 36- $10K ($14,100)

6. The University of Virginia may very well get a boost in enrollment after Playboy named it the nation's #1 of this yr.?

A: Academic school
B: Party school
C: Diverse school
D: Sports school

FA: Party school- $5K ($19,100)

7. The primary cast of which of these TV shows doesn't feature a famous person who's literally playing themselves?

A: "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
B: "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23"
C: "Episodes"
D: "The New Normal"

FA: "The New Normal"- $500 ($19,600)

8. Which of these Pop music genres is also a 16th Century English word for prostitute?

A: Rap
B: Rock
C: Funk
D: Punk


9. What government-backed initiative did Richard Nixon initially fear would become a "haven for draft dodgers"?

A: Peace Corps
B: G.I. Bill
C: Agricultural subsides
D: Head Start

FA: Peace Corps- $7K ($26,600)

For a Virtually Free Shot at $100K: Though her colleagues were the ones who received Nobel Prizes, Rosalind Franklin's "photograph 51" is argued to be the earliest true discovery of what?

A: Penicillin
B: DNA structure
C: Solar power
D: The pacemaker


A: 3%
B: 85%
C: 8%
D: 4%

FA: DNA structure- RIGHT ($28,600)

CM #34:

$100K (Weights & Measures): The tallest skyscraper in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, stands 2,723 feet tall, the equivalent of how many what?

A: 1.5 Eiffel Towers
B: Five Empire State Buildings
C: 4.5 Space Needles
D: Seven Statues of Liberty

FA: Seven Statues of Liberty- GAME OVER (A: 4.5 Space Needles)

Here's another Philly native this week- attorney Bill O'Shea.

Pre-Randomized Topics: At the Pet Store, Twice-Yearly Tasks, Civic Duties, Doctor's Orders, Same Name, BROADWAY ("Disney NEWSIES: The Musical"), Food Fight, Official Drinks, Bad Jobs & Last and Found
Final Topic Tree: At the Pet Store, Doctor's Orders, Twice-Yearly Tasks, BROADWAY, Official Drinks, Food Fight, Same Name, Bad Jobs, Civic Duties & Lost and Found

1. A product sold to owners of pet ferrets, FerretSheen is a brand of which of the following?

A: Shampoo
B: Cage
C: Toy
D: Bed

FA: Shampoo- $3K

2. Which of these irritating nighttime maladies may be eliminated by the medical procedure uvulopalatopharyngoplasty?

A: Sleepwalking
B: Snoring
C: Nightmares
D: Insomnia

FA: Snoring- $1K ($4K)

3. Fire safety advocates advise that when we change our clocks for Daylight Savings, we should replace the batteries in our what?

A: Remote controls
B: Lint removers
C: Electric toothbrushes
D: Smoke detectors

FA: Smoke detectors (the one in our house went bad last night)- $7K ($11K)

His young son Will's in attendance as well this afternoon, plus wife Michelle & mom Maria.

4. Its two main characters referred to simply as "Guy" & "Girl", what film-based Broadway musical features an OSCAR-winning song titled "Falling Slowly"?

A: "Once"
B: "Rock of Ages"
C: "Sister Act"
D: "Ghost"


A: 76%
B: 21%
C: 2%
D: 1%

FA: "Once"- $5K ($16K)(Row #5)

5. While the majority of states list milk as their official beverage, what state opted instead for Conecuh Ridge Whiskey?


JUMP THE Q #1 (A: AL)- $25K

Q of the Day: Pro basketball star Jason Kidd was once fined $20K for comparing NBA game officials to what nursery rhyme characters (this was also the title of the song that DJ Derek Dye played that got him ejected from a minor league baseball game last Summer)?

A: "Ten Little Indians"
B: "Three Blind Mice"
C: "Jack and Jill"
D: "Five Little Pigs"

A: "Three Blind Mice"

To Come Back: What sharp-tongued TV personality recently released his graphic novel about a renegade sushi chef named Jiro entrenched in a culinary war?

A: Gordon Ramsay
B: Bobby Flay
C: Anthony Bourdain
D: Guy Fieri

FA: Chef Ramsay- LOSS (A: Bourdain)

WoF Intro Flashback Moment #45 (12/13/10): Pat's face on Mt. Rushmore at the end of an episode

$1K T-U: On the Map

_ I _ _ _ _ _ _ B _ _ G

_ _ _ _ _ _ I _

Betsi figures out that a trip to WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA was offered this week. Bios start w/ her:

Betsi Vesser (Powell, TN)- An elementary Technology teacher married to Danny w/ three children (Shay, Katie & Nick); they also have a pet ferret & a 50-lb. Beagle
Marcus Janzen (Portland, OR; originally from Vancouver, BC)- A City Bible Church pastor who just got married to Kim Marie & tends to play the guitar while hiking & playing golf
Jocelyn Quick-Watrous (North Myrtle Beach, SC; originally from Lumberton, NC)- A conservation programs manager for an energy-management company married to Ben w/ baby girl Lily

$2K T-U: TV Title

_ _ E / _ M _ _ _ N G

_ _ _ E

Jocelyn's fast enough to buzz in first w/ the solve of "THE AMAZING RACE".

Featured Trip: American Queen Steamboat Co. ride to MS ($9,090)

simple green Jackpot R: Same Name

She immediately grabs the All American Clothing.com gift tag w/ a $1.5K T set (one at the beginning & one at the end) but then LaT on her second spin. Secondly, Betsi calls a baddie of M while on the Jackpot. Third, Marcus makes the calls of a $300 N & two $600 D's, buys two A's in the center line, says a $650 S & purchases four E's, after which he asks for a $900 couple of H's, a $1K R couplet while on Jackpot, the $600 Y at the end of the next-to-last word, the $500 B to finish that word (BIRTHDAY) & pick up the 1/2 CAR next to $900 & three I's. But after he LaTs out...

T H R E E - _ I E _ E

A N D / B I R T H D A Y

S _ I T

...Jocelyn solves THREE-PIECE AND BIRTHDAY SUIT for an additional $2.5K in cash & card.

SOLE DUD: $500 M (Betsi)
LaTs: 2 (Jocelyn & Marcus)

Current Scores:

Marcus: $0/Jocelyn: $4.5K in cash & tag/Betsi: $1K

Mystery R: Event

Betsi has called out five T's for $4.5K on the spot (one at the start & one at the end) & four H's to add $1,800, bought two E's, called two $1K S's while on the MW next to that MDW (that would've sent her to Bankruptland) & quad R's to throw in $3,600 & put her at $11,650. She then tries to respond right...

T H E / _ R _ _ H T

_ R _ T H E R S '

_ _ R S T / _ _ _ _ H T

...& does on THE WRIGHT BROTHERS' FIRST FLIGHT to give her the lead.


Current Scores:

Marcus: $0/Jocelyn: $4.5K in cash & spree/Betsi: $12,650

Bonus Puzzle Blast from the Past #52 (Fall '96)(Thing)(this man called BPDO):

P _ _ E R

A: PAGER (not solved)

Prize Puzzle R: Food & Drink

Marcus leads off the letter search w/ twin R's for 1,400 clams, a $600 T, an E but then N for none of that consonant. Second, Jocelyn reels in three $500 S's for the WC, two D's for $1,800 extra, a $900 C double, two U's & five A's...

S U _ A R - C R U S T E D

_ _ C A D A _ _ A S

...Brian from last night's episode wanted a PP trip like this, but it goes to Jocelyn via SUGAR-CRUSTED MACADAMIAS- a Hotwire.com holiday at the Marriott Kauai Resort priced at $5,530. W/ $3,700, that's a total this rd. of $9,230.

SOLE DUD: $650 N (Marcus)

Current Scores:

Marcus: ZIPPO/Jocelyn: $13,730 in cash & prizes WC/Betsi: $12,650

$3K T-U: Phrase

_ _ ' _ / C R _ _ _ H

_ _ M _

Jocelyn says IT'S CRUNCH TIME to add to her first-place bank.

R4: What Are You Doing?

This leader opens w/ a $350 G at the end of the first word of three, an $800 N & the I, then a $400 T to begin word #2 but she then hits LaT for her second time. Betsi secondly accumulates $1,800 from two H's and then we go to Speed-Up Mode...

_ H _ _ _ _ I N G

T H _ / _ _ _ _ _

...the Final Spin consonants pay $1,700 each. After two S's show their faces...

S H _ _ _ L I N G

T H _ / _ _ _ _ S

...Marcus missolves w/ SHOVELING THE LEAVES, which could deprive him of 34 Benjamins. Later, an A's purchased for $0...

S H _ _ _ L I N G

T H E / _ A R D S

...Jocelyn starts saying SHUFFLING THE CARDS at the buzzer to sew up the match! Marcus actually missed out on a final total of $6,800, while Betsi came close to earning at least $3.5K more.

DUDS (during S-U): B (Jocelyn), P (Jocelyn), Y (Betsi)
SOLE LaT: Jocelyn
SOLE DQ: Marcus (incorrect solution)

Final Scores:

Marcus: $1K GOOSEEGG/Jocelyn: $17,730 in cash & gifts WC/Betsi: $12,650
GT: $31,380


Maxwell House $100K BR #60: Her father Richard & mom Debra are in the crowd. Jocelyn spins the I in WIN.

Prompt: Thing

Reveal the legend on this Megaword:

L _ _ _ S _ E _ _ E R

FCMI are misses, but the WC choice of D might bail her out...

L _ _ D S _ E _ _ E R

...it doesn't. Partly because there's no LOUDSPEAKER in it (especially from Sue Sylvester), she loses the '13 Ford Escape.

$5K SPIN ID #53: RM8699160

(Note: The WC graphic in this BR did turn over once the D was called.)

Tonight's Changing Lives segment is about the first aired champs of S29, Karen Buchanan & Ryan Jensen ($19,250 in cash & St. Croix trip); she donated some of their winnings to hands of hope.

(Also tonight: The new "Jeopardy!" champ is Alistair Bell, a computer chip designer from Berlin, MA, w/ $13,200 despite having a lock game; he didn't wager a thing in FJ! Rachel left w/ $21,600.)


9: "Let's Make a Deal"
6: "Jeopardy!", "Millionaire" & "Wheel of Fortune"
4: "The Price is Right"


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