"Millionaire" 12/4

Minal Shah (a human tip calculator from Houston) should be the featured player of the day; her mom Smita's in the audience.

Pre-Randomized Categories: Nature Walk, Salty Language, Sweet Story, Iconic Images, Life Imitates Art, You Talk Too Much, Beastie Beast, Weather Reports, Prize Television & Common Figures
Shuffled Menu: Salty Language, Beastie Beast, Nature Walk, Life Imitates Art, Common Figures, Sweet Story, You Talk Too Much, Prize Television, Iconic Images & Weather Reports

1. If someone tells you that a piece of information should be "taken with a grain of salt", how should you react to it?

A: Optimistically
B: Angrily
C: Silently
D: Skeptically

FA: Skeptically- $15K

2. Before it was a Beastie Boys song, what type of monkey was colloquially used to describe extreme temperatures?

A: Chunky monkey
B: Spider monkey
C: Brass monkey
D: Sock monkey

FA: Brass- $5K ($20K)

3. A person strolling in an intertidal zone's most likely walking where?

A: Atop a mountain
B: In a desert
C: On a beach
D: Through a forest

FA: On a beach- $7K ($27K)

4. Featured in movies such as "The Hunger Games" & "Brave", what activity has seen a surge in popularity among young girls?

A: Knitting
B: Bungee jumping
C: Competitive eating
D: Archery

FA: Archery- $25K ($52K)

5. Because they trace their origins to the same person, Judaism, Christianity & Islam are all classed as what type of religion?

A: Confucianist
B: Abrahamic
C: Jesuit
D: Vishnuite

FA: Abrahamic- $500 ($52.5K)

6. During Alexander the Great's conquest of India, one of his officers marveled at a reed which makes honey without bees, also known as what?

A: Corn
B: Dates
C: Beets
D: Sugar cane

FIRST JUMP USED (A: Sugar cane; she had it narrowed down to that & dates)

7. W/ the average person speaking 16K words a day, how many days would it take to speak the entire 560K-word English version of War and Peace?

A: 17
B: 35
C: 52
D: 75

FA: 35- $2K ($54.5K)

8. Serving as emcee, Neil Patrick Harris welcomed viewers to what awards show, then added "...or, as we like to call it, 'Fifty Shades of Gay'"?

B: Emmys
C: Tonys
D: Grammys

FA: Tonys- $10K ($64.5K)

9. If you don't provide a profile picture, which of these social media websites makes your avatar a graphic of an egg?

A: facebook
B: twitter
C: Tumblr
D: Google+

FA: twitter- $100 ($64,600)

For $67,600: Amusingly, the National Meteorologist Hall of Fame's located in what famous small town?

A: Taos, NM
B: Punxsutawney, PA
C: Tombstone, AZ
D: Aspen, CO

FA: Punxsutawney- RIGHT!

CM #32:

$100K (Rock & Roll): What Rock star's first professional recording was as the lead singer on the holiday tune "R2-D2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas"?

A: David Lee Roth
B: Billy Idol
C: Jon Bon Jovi
D: Axl Rose


Q of the Day: With over 4K hours of sun a year, what city's thought to be the sunniest place in the U.S.?

A: Galveston, TX
B: Yuma, AZ
C: Boise, ID
D: Jacksonville, FL

A: Yuma

$250K (Word Origins): A grunt often uttered by Homer Simpson, "Doh" is also the name given to what cosmic object?

A: A comet in Andromeda
B: A star in Orion
C: One of Saturn's rings
D: A crater on a moon of Jupiter


A: 14%
B: 24%
C: 25%
D: 37%

BAILOUT (A: A crater on a moon of Jupiter)



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