12/5/2012 Results

LMaD: For the second time in three weeks, we're playing Beat the Dealer. A chance at a Nissan Versa Sedan (CURTAIN #3) awaits a lucky trader.

$500 R:
Myla (a mom of six dressed as a superhero): F (friend)- TWO
Robert (a grandpa of nine wearing a golf hole on his head & a black T-shirt w/ an alien on it): H (for his last name)- SEVEN
Victoria (a resort saleswoman from Surprise, FL dressed as a peace lady): B (for her mom Brenda)- BUST (ONE)

R2 Prize: Leeds bedroom w/ SAMSUNG 40" HDTV ($3,295)(CURTAIN #2)

Robert: A- SIX
Myla: G (go)- BUST (THREE)

GO ON BECAUSE OF HIS WIFE MARGUERITE (who's wearing a bone on top of her head)

Robert: E- ZONK (FOUR)
Wayne: C- FIVE (D: EIGHT)

Genesis (cheerleader) & Lorenzo (computer network guy) are on a Date Day.

RB (freebie): iPad & iPod Nano ($848)
GB (his & hers)- His/her Invicta waterproof ceramic watches ($2,790)
CURTAIN #1 (same clue as GB): NO (in exchange for a $1K SpaWeek gift tag)- ZONK race cars
TBR (SE): Genesis (so Lorenzo keeps the watches & $500)- Five-night trip to the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel ($7,815)

Frank's Fact or Fiction Statement Choice (BB): GIANT PADDLE BALL SET

Kevin (beekeeper) & Jennifer (beehive; they've been together for 3.5 years) play Movin' On Up w/ the die for some dough &/or that Ford Fiesta S (CURTAIN #1).

1. 4: $400
2. 3: $500 ($900)
3. 2: $1K ($1,900)
4. 1: $2K ($3,900)- BAILOUT

Kittya's Assignments (a retail saleswoman dressed as a white domino w/ brown dots):
Kaylee: SB- Nikon camera & SONY digital picture frame ($810)
Sonya: GE- $2.5K

Kaylee's Assignments (an Air Force representative dressed as Twister):
Kittya: CURTAIN #2- Trip to tonight's Grammys Nominations Concert ($3,296)
Sonya: SE- $700 ($3,200)

Sonya's Assignments (a brand ambassador in an orange NASA suit):
Kittya: CURTAIN #3- Pair of TREK bicycles (CT: $5,936)
Kaylee: BE- $800 (CT: $1,610)

TBR (Tiffany holding SE): Kaylee (ZONKY KIDS cards)($100)

(Note: Wayne was an Air Force ROTC for three yrs.)

Sharon's FD Decision (nurse): BB ($1K)- AjMadison kitchen ($2,972)

PR #2

BD #51 (Genesis):

SD (#3): Home entertainment suite w/ one-yr. plan ($2,301)- LOSS
MD (#1): Patio furniture ($4,735)
BD (#2): Rocky Mountaineer trip w/ OLYMPUS classic-style digital camera & $3K ($23,060)(revealed second)

But we do have another $500 QD winner in Angelina for showing a pepper packet right away.

TPiR: The first four grandparent teams competing today happen to be Maurice Meyers & Kyle Leahy, Carmen & Shauna Phillips-Kelly, Gail Marlowe & Elissa Hennessy and Linda & Kelsey Fabry. The Holiday Gift Idea of the Day's a pair of Lumix digital cameras (Amber & Rachel).

K & M: $860/E & G: $700/Fabrys: $550/Kellys: $650

ARP: $1,200

Kyle (Simi Valley) & Maurice (Redlands) play the Bargain Game for these six-night trips to New Orleans (Rachel) & the El Dorado Hotel & Spa (Manuela).

N.M. ($3,393): $4,893 (Difference: $1.5K)
N.O. ($3,397): $5,397 (Diff.: $2K)- WIN!

Mary Peters & Chelsea Johnson then come down fifth & the second IUFB of a Howard Miller grandfather clock appears (Amber behind splitting sign).

M & C: $850/E & G: $1,800/Fabrys: $851/Kellys: $1,100

ARP: $1,875

It's time for Elissa & Gail from Simi Valley to play That's Too Much for a Toyota Yaris LE 5-Door (Std., Cruise)(Manuela).

1. $15,001
2. $16,285
3. $17,840- ELISSA WINS IT FOR GAIL! (ARP: $17,110)

After Robert Ludolph & Ryan Fredrich go where they need to be, the third IUFB comes on down, a VELOCITY micro cruz pairing.

M & C: $750/R & R: $550/Fabrys: $725/Kellys: $600

The Kellys win a $500 bonus & play Now or Then (Then this time: Oct. '94) for two weekly movie tickets for a yr. from Fandango, Maid Brigade service twice a month for a yr. & $2K worth of restaurant meals (keep in mind that 86-yr.-old Carmen works at a restaurant), a prize package worth $6,404 (Rachel & Amber). Coming out of the grocery department are a bag of Werther's Original marked at $3.49, a box of SOS pads marked at $2.29, a bottle of mizkan NAKANO All-Natural Rice Vinegar marked at $1.99, a 10-envelope box of Swiss miss milk chocolate hot cocoa mix marked at $2.79, a jar of vlasic dill relish marked at $1.89 & a box of Kraft Stove Top Cornbread stuffing marked at $2.39.

Cocoa: NOW- YES
Relish: THEN (because of Shauna; not their original guess)- NO
Candy: NOW
Pads: NOW- LOSS (Other Then: Vinegar)

SCSD #1 (same order whether it was winless or perfect):
Kellys ($1,100): 15 + 20 (second spin of the dollar was a dud) = $.35
Kyle & Maurice ($11,490): $.85
Elissa & Gail ($18,985): 15 + HALF-DOLLAR = $.65

The next twosome is made up of Lanzera Hunter & daughter Lynea Lawson & next to be bid on's a one-yr. shutterfly package (Manuela in the clam).

M & C: $400/R & R: $475/Fabrys: $401/L & L: $500

By default, Lanzera & Lynea from the Bay Area win the $998 gift & play the Balance Game (Amber) for a Flexsteel living room group w/ a SAMSUNG 51" HDTV & a one-yr. DirecTV package (Rachel).

Dollar Values: $1K, $3K & $7K

The next pair of winner wannabes are Yvonne & Jessica Montano & the next one-bid prize's a gas grill (Rachel behind rising sign).

M & C: $450/R & R: $401/Fabrys: $550/Montanos: $460

The Fabrys (last of the FF) from Simi Valley get the $786 grill easily & play One Wrong Price for that white Elmira Stove Works fridge marked at $4,395 (Amber), a Howard Miller game table marked at $2,250 (Manuela) & an 8 GB RAM iMac marked at $2,149 (Rachel).

PICK: Fridge (Table: $6,342)

Last to exit that special Peanut Gallery are Winston & Victoria Gott from TX and the day's final GUFB's a couple BlackBerry Bold 9800s w/ the one-yr. plan (Manuela).

M & C: $1,050/R & R: BUCK/Gotts: $900/Montanos: $800

ARP: $2,440

Mary (Phoenix) & Chelsea (San Diego) get an opportunity in Secret X at the first retro automobile offered in a while, a $19,900 '51 Chevrolet Bel-Air (Amber). Chelsea wisely puts their free X on the bottom-left corner.

SPs (Rachel):
Cuisinart slow cooker ($60 or $80): $60- PLACES SECOND X IN TOP-RIGHT CORNER
Cookie cutters ($20 or $33): $33- LOSS (SX: Rock Bottom)

SCSD #2:
Fabrys ($786): 20 + 30 = H-D
Mary & Chelsea ($2.5K): 35 + H-D = $.85
Lanzera & Lynea ($9,198): 20 + 15 = $.35

(Note: By this time in the tapings, a remixed version of the current theme's heard after the last commercial break.)

Door #2- Beachcomber Hybrid Hot Tub, Summerset Outdoor Living outdoor fire pit dining set & Gameroom Concepts Unlimited 3000 Series pool table (Rachel)
Door #4- One-week Alaskan Cruise (Manuela)



Door #1- VocoPro package & five-night Vegas.com trip (Amber)
Door #3- Mazda Miata Sport (Std., Conv., Locks)(Rachel)



Those guys will share in $67,911 worth of prizes!


Video Bonuses:
#1: Today's DSW
#2: Danielle claiming her Hyundai from last Mon.

Millionaire: Filmed prior to Meredith's injury, playing first will be Darryl Semple from West NY, NJ (a college professor who brought some of his students).

Pre-Randomized Topics: Extending Your Flight, Verboten Toys, Pure Poetry, Using Your Noodle, Happy Anniversary, '80s Song Lyrics, Men in the News, Letters on a Map, Same Name & Thunder
Shuffled Categories: Pure Poetry, Men in the News, '80s Song Lyrics, Thunder, Letters on a Map, Happy Anniversary, Extending Your Flight, Verboten Toys, Same Name & Using Your Noodle

1. What was the title of the Robert Louis Stevenson poem that features the line "She gives me cream with all her might"?

A: The Chicken
B: The Pig
C: The Cow
D: The Horse

FA: The Cow- $25K

2. Comparing their careers, an article in the Chicago Tribune once noted that Joseph & John Ratzenberger are what?

A: A king & a painter
B: An architect & rap star
C: A pope & an actor
D: An astronaut & a politician

FA: Pope & actor- $100 ($25,100)

3. "Two thousand zero zero party over, oops, out of time" was a line from a hit song by which of these '80s artists?

A: Huey Lewis
B: Janet Jackson
C: Madonna
D: Prince

FA: Prince- $10K ($35,100)

4. What day of the week's most fitting for a thunderstorm since it's named after the God associated w/ thunder?

A: Mon.
B: Tues.
C: Wed.
D: Thurs.

FA: Thurs.- $500 ($35,600)

5. E's the second letter of every U.S. state whose name starts w/ which of these letters?

A: K
B: N
C: T
D: W

FA: N (A: T)

Here's Molly Anderson from Northfield, IL (a figure skating coach).

Menu: Remote Control, Long Way Down, Human Anatomy, Urban Secrets, Truth or Fiction, Art Appreciation, Pucker Up, Adventures in Babysitting, Getting What You Need & Special Statutes

1. Accredited this yr., Unmanned Vehicle University's an online school dedicated to teaching the design & operation of what?

A: Drones
B: School buses
C: Gliders

D: Jet skis

FA: Drones- $15K

2. This yr., Prince Andrew made news when he rappelled down Europe's tallest skyscraper, a 1,016-foot building known as what?

A: The Pinnacle
B: The Center
C: The Landmark

D: The Shard

FIRST JUMP USED (A: The Shard)- $100

3. Which of these parts of the human body's often described as being either free or attached?

A: Nostril
B: Bellybutton
C: Earlobe
D: Armpit

Earlobe- $25K ($40K)

4. Last yr., which of these cities promoted its own "official" smell, a fragrance described as a combination of citrus & salty air?

A: Des Moines
B: Denver

C: Dallas
D: Miami

FA: Miami- $500 ($40.5K)

5. Described in a 1625 account as "very tall, hath a man's face", what animal was viewed as a mythical creature until the mid-19th Century?

A: Giraffe
B: Gorilla
C: Hippopotamus

D: Elephant

FA: Gorilla- $3K ($43.5K)

6. Not known as an abstract expressionist, Norman Rockwell's "The Connoisseur" depicts a man admiring a painting in the style of which artist?

A: Salvador Dali
B: Henri Matisse
C: Jackson Pollock
D: Andy Warhol


A: 40%
B: 22%
C: 22%
D: 16%

FA: Dali (A: Pollock)

Q of the Day: What comedian's '94 book Don't Stand Too Close to a Naked Man recounts his brief stay in prison?

A: Denis Leary
B: Jay Leno
C: Tim Allen
D: Paul Reiser

A: Allen

$1K Contestant #21: Sandra Caldwell (a phone operator)

Of the $42.5K Molly just lost, she just gave $1K of it to Sandra because she knows this right away:

What company claims it sells four lipsticks per second?

A: MetLife
B: General Mills
C: Avon
D: Intel

A: Avon

WoF Intro Flashback Moment #42 (5/23/12): Pat faking he was crying after Kayla Manthy solved GOOEY CINNAMON STICKY BUNS in the Jackpot Round

$1K T-U: Event

W _ _ _ _ _ D

_ _ _ _ _ A Y

Casey hasn't struck out by guessing WEEKEND GETAWAY. In tonight's lineup:

Casey Bass (Martinsville, IN)- A trade marketing representative who graduated from Indiana University & practices Michael Jackson dance moves (his grandma had 18 children)
Ritarsha Furquan (Hanahan, SC)- A Naval Surface Warfare Officer, active-duty ship driver & ROTC instructor at The Citadel married to college sweetheart Matthew w/ a baby girl on the way
Pat Morris (Greensboro, NC)- A retired soccer organization bookkeeper w/ five children & seven grandchildren, plus a cat named Casey

$2K T-U: TV Title

G _ _ Y ' S

_ N _ T _ _ Y

Pat solves "GREY'S ANATOMY".

B & B Trip: Azienda Agricola Marciano in Tuscany ($6,985)

Eggland's Best Jackpot R: Food & Drink

She gets five T's for an instant three grand, after which are four E's, four S's for an additional $3,200, a $300 W to finish the first word of four (SWEET) & the sole dud vowel of I. Second, Casey scores two R's for 11 bills, three U's, an O, a $500 B for the BedandBreakfast.com gift tag, the two A's to round out the vowels & a $500 D for the 1/2 CAR next to $900, then the layout...



B U T T E R _ U T

S _ U A S _

...he's tripled his winnings & then some w/ SWEET ROASTED BUTTERNUT SQUASH for $2,350 in cash & gift certificate.


Current Scores:

Pat: $2K/Casey: $3,350 in cash & tag 1/2 CAR/Ritarsha: $0

Mystery R: Before & After

Also maintaining control, he also can take off the WC by calling three T's worth $1.5K. He then fits in three E's, two A's, an $1,800 pair of H's & two O's before taking $2K for two H's while on the MW next to the MDW (but the $10K was on the back) & the last valid vowel of I. Sadly, his next spin lands on the MDW's right-side Bankrupt to cost him both pieces of cardboard & $4,550. Second, Ritarsha lands on the Bankrupt next to $650. Third, Pat calls up the $500 B for the trip & two N's for $800 extra and...

_ O _ I N _


T H E / B E A T E N

_ A T H

...she pronounces the next-to-last word funny, but GOING OFF THE BEATEN PATH is a letter short anyway. Called by Casey next are the $350 P & G, then he Bankrupts like Ritarsha. Speaking of her, Ritarsha misses by calling for a V. Pat then tries to solve again...

_ O _ I N _


T H E / B E A T E N


...COMING OFF THE BEATEN PATH...is also incorrect. Casey then guesses DOZING OFF THE BEATEN PATH...he has the $1K steal; Pat's wrong guesses cost her a total of $8,285 in cash & Italy.

SOLE DUD: $300 V (Ritarsha)
BANKRUPTS: 3 (two by Casey; Ritarsha)
DQs: 2 (Pat's missolves)

Current Scores:

Pat: $2K/Casey: $4,350 in cash & card/Ritarsha: $0

Bonus Puzzle Blast from the Past #47 (Early '00)(Fictional Character)(Mike called CDPA):

P _ R _ _

P _ _


Prize Puzzle R: Phrase

Ritarsha picks up the same 1/2 CAR w/ a $500 R, buys the A at the start of the last word out of five, calls an $800 L and twin S's for another grand & buys three E's (one at the end), followed by quadruple T's for 14 more Benjamins, a $1.5K H trio, pairs of I's & O's, a $700 Y & the his/her U's. Now, to the board...

T H I S / S H O U L _

_ H E T / Y O U R

A _ _ E T I T E

...THIS SHOULD WHET YOUR APPETITE- your first $4,650 & a trip to the All-Inclusive Divi Carina Bay Beach Resort & Casino in St. Croix worth $8,180.


Current Scores:

Pat: $2K/Casey: $4,350 in cash & card/Ritarsha: $12,830 in cash & vacation

$3K T-U: Around the House

_ L A N N E L

P _ _ _ _ _ S

Casey puts on some FLANNEL PAJAMAS to go to $7,350.

Speed-Up: What Are You Doing?

Consonants are redeemable at $1,700 apiece. Ritarsha tries to nail this quickly after calling an H...

_ _ _ _ _ _ G

_ H _ / _ _ _ _

...but MIXING THE CAKE is way off the mark. Pat shortly finds the E...

_ _ _ _ _ N G

T H E / _ _ _ _

...WATCHING THE SHOW also won't work. Casey then takes a stab at it after he calls for an R...

_ _ _ _ _ N G

T H E / _ _ R _

...MOWING THE YARD's also wrong. Pat then lights triple the P's on her next turn...

P _ P P _ N G

T H E / C _ R _

...but she's one letter off w/ POPPING THE CORN, likely denying her 6,800 more bucks. Here's a golden opportunity for Casey & he IDs the last valid consonant this puzzle as the K...

P _ P P _ N G

T H E / C _ R K

...he & his friends better be POPPING THE CORK, because he's the champ w/ the $8.5K run!

AIRED DUDS: A (Ritarsha), D (Pat), S (Ritarsha), W (Ritarsha)
DQs: 4 (missolves by everyone, including two by Pat; I didn't count Pat's guess of BLANKING THE BLANK as one & Sajak remarked "This is not 'Match Game'"!)

Final Scores:

Pat: $2K/Casey: $15,850 in cash & tag/Ritarsha: $12,830 in cash & St. Croix
GT: $30,680

TONIGHT'S BANKRUPT TRASH (extras not included): $5,250

Maxwell House Regular BR #55: Before he goes to the endgame plate, this Casey spins the S in SPIN.

Topic: Thing

Another one-wordy:

S _ _ E _ _ _

After wanting PMDO...

S _ O E _ O _

...he swings & scores a $35K hit w/ a SHOEBOX nearby! His total winnings in cash & merchandise is $50,850 & as he does an M.J. dance (it's not as good as it could've been because he was wearing shoes), we can tell you that the Rebuilding Together bank has made it to $165K (& I think I heard Jim laughing just as he was going to do the charity plug)!

$5K SPIN ID #48: JR4250493

(Also tonight: Logistics director Mike McCormick from Hockessin, DE became the new "Jeopardy!" champion w/ $16,801; Jennifer North left w/ $10,200.)


9: "The Price is Right"
6: "Jeopardy!", "Let's Make a Deal" & "Wheel of Fortune"
5: "Millionaire"


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