"Millionaire" 12/3

The injury may still be on Meredith, but so is Diane Abruzzese from Brooklyn (who tried out for this game about 12 times; she only failed the audition test once).

Categories Before Randomization: Baby Gifts, Creative Naming, Other Uses, Pleasure Principle, Game Biology, The Whole Proof, Far Out Stories, Public Splits, The Dog House & Super Bowl Fans
Final List: Far Out Stories, Pleasure Principle, Other Uses, Game Biology, Creative Naming, The Dog House, The Whole Proof, Baby Gifts, Public Splits & Super Bowl Fans

1. Last year, what country's government reportedly discouraged TV dramas that feature time travel claiming they depict history in a frivolous way?

A: China
B: Australia
C: Russia
D: Turkey

JUMPED (A: China)- $25K

2. Popularly referred to as a "coregasm", a 2012 study found that 40% of the women surveyed reported experiencing sexual pleasure while engaging in what daily activity?

A: Commuting to work
B: Getting dressed
C: Working out at the gym

D: Sleeping

FA: Working out at the gym- $500

3. According to its website, what confectionery's container can be reused for a variety of things, including as an "emergency wilderness stove"?

A: Altoids
B: Life Savers
C: Orbit
D: tic tac

FA: Altoids- $15K ($15.5K)

4. Pikachurin, a protein that helps the eyes transmit information to the brain, is named after a character from what video game?

A: "The Legend of Zelda"
B: "Pac-Man"
C: "Super Mario Bros."
D: "Pokemon"

FA: "Pokemon"- $3K ($18.5K)

5. Named by blending the French words for "velvet" & "hook", what invention was initially marketed as "the zipperless zipper"?

A: Nylon
B: Velcro

C: Pleather
D: Vinyl

FA: Velcro- $5K ($23.5K)

6. According to the American Kennel Club, which of the following's a breed of dog that has lived in The White House during three Presidencies?

A: Lhasa Apso
B: Chiahuahua
C: Scottish Terrier
D: Alaskan Malamute

FA: Scottish Terrier- $10K ($33.5K)

Her son Paul is seen in the audience after the first break; she wants to retire on a cruise ship because some say it's cheaper.

7. According to an oft-misquoted phrase that's centuries-old, "the proof of the pudding is in the" what?

A: Cooling
B: Eating
C: Cleaning
D: Stirring

FA: "...eating"- $1K ($34.5K)

8. John Deere sells blue & pink baby bibs that are covered w/ pictures of what vehicles?

A: Bicycles
B: Canoes
C: Tractors
D: Helicopters

FA: Tractors- $100 ($34,600)

9. What rapper made news by posing w/ ex-wife Kelis' green wedding dress for the cover of his '12 album "Life is Good"?
A: Common
B: Ludacris
C: Nas

D: Mos Def


For $36,600: Right before leading his 49ers on a 92-yard drive to win Super Bowl XXIII, Joe Montana pointed into the crowd & said "Hey, isn't that..." who?

A: Drew Barrymore
B: John Candy
C: Molly Ringwald
D: Chuck Norris


A: 7%
B: 19%
C: 5%
D: 69%

FA: Norris- LOSES $33,600 (A: Candy)

Clarence Swann from Newark, NJ's a former military & construction man.

Categories: First for a Second, Animal Thirst, Preppy Cool, Public Protest, On Location, Award-Winning Books, On Ice, G Whiz, History's Mysteries & Touch of a Button

1. What was the first sequel to win an OSCAR for Best Picture?

A: "Rocky II"
B: "Bride of Frankenstein"
C: "The Godfather: Part II"
D: "The Empire Strikes Back"


A: 11%
B: 3%
C: 81%
D: 5%

FA: "The Godfather: Part II"- $2K

2. Finding an ample supply in its habitat, The Malaysian pen-tailed shrew has baffled scientists for its heavy consumption of what?

A: Coffee
B: Marijuana
C: Tea
D: Alcohol


3. To show off your preppy credentials, you might turn up the collar of your polo shirt, an act known as what?

A: Stunting
B: Popping
C: Curling

D: Tweaking

FA: Curling (A: Popping)

Q of the Day: What TV star once worked as a set dresser in the adult film industry?

A: Patrick Dempsey
B: Jon Hamm
C: Hugh Laurie
D: Matthew Morrison

A: Hamm

$1K Contestant #20: Cathy Ift (a retired steel purchasing agent from Youngstown, OH)

In an act of protest against the TSA, a Portland businessman caused quite a scene when he stripped naked in what public facility this yr.?

A: Post office
B: Airport
C: Public library

D: City Hall

FA: Airport



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