"Let's Make a Deal"/"The Price is Right" 12/3

LMaD: Charlotte (flight attendant/pilot) may have to trade her transportation for a FIAT while she has to Go Big or Go Home. The gift tag that could go in her bank to start by rolling a three's from CB2.

1. 1: $250
2. 3: CB2 ($750)(Bad roll: 5)
3. 2: $250 ($1K)(needs a 3 to bust & 6 for CURTAIN #1)
4. 3: GO HOME- LOSES $850

The featured item in Deal #2's two SEs.

Cindy's R (a national counselor for a financial company dressed as a whisk): SB- Trip to Long Bay
Justin's R (a student who just got out of the military dressed as bacon): CURTAIN #2- Duct-tape sailboat ($100)

$10- 10 $20s ($210 total)
$50- 12 $100s (GT: $1,460)

Rejected in R1 by Tamara (gift): CURTAIN #1 (Swiss)- Cheese & crackers dining room
Rejected in R2 by the Guys: SE- L.A. Lakers home game tickets ($1K)

Jonriel's dressed as an Egyptian.

FINAL GROUP DECISION (includes Travis): CURTAIN #2- Bedroom ($4,989)
SB (Portable)- Women's Cartier watch & men's Longines watch ($3,600)


Sarah (pig) plays Pair a Dice for a $16,100 Scion xD.

1. #3: 4
2. #4: 5
3. #7: 6
4. #8: ZONK
5. #2: 5 ($500)
6. #1: 6 ($1,100)

The show's Stock Market is open for business.

Catherine's R (a financial officer at an educational institution dressed as a scientist): RED (CURTAIN #1)- UFO CAR (22 for $2,200)
Caitlin's R (a Boston University student dressed as a blue butterfly): CURTAIN #2- Game room ($6,061)(GREEN: Two for $200)
Michael's R (tooth fairy): BLUE (SB)- EVERYTHING IN THE DEAL (so he gets $600 instead of $9,061 in cash & prizes)

Matasha (a Marketing & Business Management professor dressed as a black/red graduate) is today's Jonathan Big Head customer.

Board (CURTAIN #3):
1. Can it be found inside the home?
2. Does it prepare food?
3. Does it require travel?
4. Does it involve music?
5. Am I likely to see celebrities?

1. #4- YES
2. #1- NO
3. #3- YES

FINAL DECISION: $1K (originally $800, but the host threw in the extra $200 afterwards)- Trip to this Wed.'s Grammys Nominations Concert ($3,296)

BD #49: Because Cindy's going w/ at least one daughter to Tortola & Caitlin wants to give her game room to her brother, Tamara trades away the bedroom that her daughter would've enjoyed.

SD (#1): Apple electronics ($2,347)- LOSS
MD (#3): Strong Spa 8
BD (#2): Trip to Bali ($17,560) + $6K (most of the audience wanted her to go w/ that)

Candice doesn't even come close to finding a shelled walnut worth $500, because she doesn't follow their twitter feed.


TPiR: On Drew's 996th aired daytime episode, the First Four are Barbara Little, Kevin Horton, Christi Fuller & Loghan Buzan. The Holiday Gift Ideas of the Day are an iPad 2G w/ a pair of glittery Jimmy Choo pumps & a snazzy J.C. smartcover (Manuela & Rachel).

Loghan: $1,199/Christi: $1,250/Kevin: $1,200/Barbara: $1,300

ARP: $1,789

Barbara, a MI lawyer, plays Cover Up for something that I don't think is made in Detroit, a Nissan Sentra S (Std., Guards, Mats)(Amber at Door #3). Board:

First Digit: 1 or 3?
Second Digit: 2, 4 or 9?
Third Digit: 0, 1, 4 or 9?
Fourth Digit: 2, 3, 5, 7 or 8?

Last Digit: 0, 1, 2, 4, 7 or 8?

Base Price: $26,265

1. $ (1)(9)(1)(5)(0)
2. $ (1)(9)(4)(8)(0)
FINAL TRY: $ (1)(9)(4)(7)(0)(ARP: $19,420)

Danielle Garvin plugs in the right end of CR & the first regular IUFB this morning's three pieces of club glove USA luggage (all in front of CR).

Loghan: $1K/Christi: $835/Kevin: BUCK/DANIELLE: $925

ARP: $2,248

By being the highest bidder in that rd., opera singer Loghan from Carnegie Mellon Univ. plays Double Prices for a four-night trip to The Westin NY at Times Square (Manuela).

Choices: $5,718 & $3,691
PICK: $5,718

John Eagan's second at the left end of the row & the third IUFB's a Vivitar underwater camera package w/ a tripod amongst other things (Amber behind splitting sign).

JOHN: $568/Christi: $676/Kevin: $320/Barbara: $500

He's just $2 short, so John from Phoenix (but originally from NY) plays the Grocery Game (Rachel) for a 14' Lido sailboat w/ trailer worth $9,326 (Manuela). These products all end w/ "O's" in 'em- a nine-ounce box of Cascadian Farm ORGANIC purely O's cereal, Betty Crocker BacOs, Campbell's SpaghettiOs Original, a small bag of Trolli AppleOs & a big package of Newman's Own Organics Newman-O's cookies.

1. SpaghettiOs: 10 X $1.39 = $13.9
2. purely O's: 2 X $4.49 + $13.9 = $22.88 (he bought two cans of SpaghettiOs too many)

SCSD #1:
John ($570): 30 + 40 = $.70
Barbara ($1,789): 40 + 95 = OVER
Loghan ($7,966): $.95

Coming on down to start the second half of the PGs is Rosemarie Anderson & the fourth one-bid's a SONY PSP package (Amber in the clam).

ROSEMARIE: $650/Christi: $800/Kevin: $700/Barbara: $801

ARP: $840

Danielle plays 10 Chances for the Bissell LITTLE green Clean Machine, a half-dozen Hamilton Beach small appliances &/or the '13 Hyundai Accent GLS AT (Std., Mats, Cable)(Rachel).

Possible Deep Cleaner Numbers: 0, 7 & 9

1. $790- WIN

Possible Appliances Numbers: 0, 4, 5 & 9

2. $450- INCORRECT
3. $590- WIN


4. $16,540- NO!
5. $16,504 (originally $15K+)
6. $16,054
7. $16,450!

I wonder if she's a die-hard player, too- Antoinette Andes. The Comfort Spa-in-a-Box's being bid on next (Manuela behind rising sign).

Rosemarie: $1,900/Christi: $2,376/Kevin: BUCK/ANTOINETTE: $4K (WILLY)

Kevin wins that $1,499 spa by default, just turned 26 & plays Flip-Flop for an AICO bedroom (Rachel). Board:


He...Flops & wins!

Christi has the last-bid advantage as Michael Rugerio comes on out & the final one-bid gift's a Howard Miller wine cabinet (Amber at Door #5).

Rosemarie: $1,201/Christi: $1,202/MICHAEL: $890/Antoinette: $1,200

ARP: $1,497- Christi (who works for urban artist Justin in AZ) finally escapes CR!

And she picked a good time to do so, because she's playing Pl!nko.

SPs (Rachel):
FIVE Little MONKEYS ($24): 2- $27
Brita water filter pitcher ($34): 4- $32
CONAIR ionic hair dryer ($65): 6- $35
Tea kettle ($16): 1- $19

After Manuela gives her the additional PCs...the first one lands in the left gooseegg, while the other couple land in the right $500.

SCSD #2:
Christi ($2,543): QUARTER + 70 = $.95
Kevin ($8,896): Two 30s
Danielle ($17,970): 60 + 70 = OVER

RUNNING SHOWCASE (Door #2)(Manuela):
Left- 11 pieces of running gear & an iPad Nano w/ a Nike+ sport kit
Right- Six-night trip to the Onyx in Boston
Inside- Toyota 4Runner SR5 (Std., Conv., Crossbars, Mats)

CHRISTI BIDS $31.5K ON TRIP/SUV SHOWCASE (ARP: $41,374)(Difference: $9,874)


Door #1- Kitchen (Amber)
Door #4- Six-night trip to the Pueblo Bonito Rose Resort & Spa in Cabo San Lucas (Amber)
Door #3- Pair of Kawasaki Ninja 650s (Manuela)



Female Loghan wins $32,340 in gifts.




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