"Millionaire" 12/6

Leading off this episode where Meredith doesn't have that bad toe is Michele Monica from Belleville, NJ, who's playing for charity (in order to help others).

Pre-Randomized Topics: Name Change, Bona Fide Member, Spanish Class, Family Schools, At Home Cures, Famous Yells, Dinosaur Homes, Movie Math, Spiritual Leaders & Early Work
Final Menu: Bona Fide Member, Famous Yells, Spanish Class, Early Work, Dinosaur Homes, Family Schools, Movie Math, At Home Cures, Spiritual Leaders & Name Change

1. Hootie & The Blowfish frontman Darius Rucker completed his conversion to the Country music genre this yr. when he accepted an invitation to join what?

A: Boston Pops
B: Grand Ole Opry
C: Blue Note Record Label
D: Wu-Tang Clan

JUMPS THIS Q (A: Grand Ole Opry)- $500

2. At the First Battle of Bull Run, General Barnard Bee famously shouted "There stands Jackson like a" what?

A: Brick house
B: Stone wall
C: Iron horse
D: Bronze statue

FA: Stone wall- $10K

3. A Spanish student would most likely consult w/ la tabla periodica de los elementos in which of these classes?

A: Social Studies
B: Math
C: Chemistry
D: Gym

FA: Chemistry- $7K ($17K)

4. Considered largely autobiographical, The Bell Jar is thought to be based on Sylvia Plath's 1953 Summer as what magazine's guest editor?

A: Reader's Digest
B: Good Housekeeping

D: Mademoiselle


A: 19%
B: 37%
C: 19%
D: 25%

OUT OF LIFELINES (A: Mademoiselle)- $100

5. The two-legged dinosaur Albertosaurus was first identified by fossils discovered in what country?

A: Australia
B: Russia
C: Canada

D: France

FA: Canada- $25K ($42K)

After the first break, we know that her husband's name is Myles (& they've been married for 35 yrs.).

6. Which of these legendary QBs played college football at BYU, a school founded by his great-great-great grandfather?

A: John Elway
B: Dan Marino
C: Steve Young

D: Joe Montana

FA: Steve Young- $1K ($43K)

7. Having expressed a particular fondness for Math, Brad Pitt has starred in films whose titles contain all but which of these numbers?

A: Seven
B: 10
C: 11
D: 12

FA: 10- $3K ($46K)

8. In a segment titled "So Weird It Works", Dr. Oz recommended using what beverage as an effective home remedy for foot odor?

A: Red Bull
B: Coke Zero
C: Hot cocoa
D: Vodka

$23K BAILOUT (A: Vodka, which she eliminated second)

The next true civilian player's Ilona Anderson from The Bronx (who grew up w/ seven siblings).

Shuffled Category Order: Sea Shapes, Show Me Your Beads, Naming Schemes, Promo Pancakes, Bad Hair Decade, Diner Slang, Hunky Dory, Trekkie Side Effects, Classy Affair & Dog Days

1. A manta ray's a well-known ocean dweller that gets its name from a Spanish word that aptly means what?

A: Boot
B: Peanut
C: Blanket
D: Lightbulb


A: 8%
C: 61%
D: 31%

FA: Blanket- $3K

2. Though women flashing their breasts for beads came later, Mobile, AL claims it held the first American celebration of what annual festival in 1703?

A: Bastille Day
B: Oktoberfest
C: Cinco De Mayo
D: Mardi Gras

FA: Mardi Gras- $100 ($3,100)

Q of the Day: A freshman in college's often called a what?

A: Frish
B: Frash
C: Frosh
D: Frush

A: Frosh

3. Scandinavian geography experts will know that IKEA beds, like the "Grimstad" or "Lillehammer", are named after places in what country?

A: Norway
B: Finland
C: Estonia
D: Denmark

JUMP #1 (A: Norway)- $2K

To Return: W/ dishes like "Frodo's Pot Roast Skiller" & "Gandalf's Gobble Melt", Denny's released 11 new food items this yr. as a marketing tie-in to what film?

A: "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey"
B: "Les Miserables"
C: "Lincoln"

D: "007: Skyfall"

FA: "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey"- $500 ($3,600)



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