"The Price is Right" 12/6

Back to regular play, the First Four are Michael Piper-Younie, Debra Shannon, Charles Clay & Cayla Black. Coming down's the Holiday Gift Idea of the Day, trios of TOKYObay watches for him & her (you can win a watch of your own on the program's website).

Cayla: $850/Charles: $2,099/Debra: $1K/Michael: BUCK

ARP: $685

Michael, a non-profit sketch comedy worker originally from San Diego, plays the Grand Game w/ a $6.5 target price. Available to be chosen today are a tube of Maybelline NY 14 Lipstick, Scott's LIQUID GOLD, Maxwell House Sanka coffee, Francesco Rinaldi Pasta Sauce, Liquid-Plumr Double Impact & a 24-ounce bag of Hampton Farms Premier Salted & Roasted Jumbo Peanuts.

1. Sauce- $1.99 ($10)
2. Peanuts- $2.99 ($100)
3. Coffee ($6.79)(Lipstick: $8.99/Cleaner: $4.99/L-P: $5.99)

J.C. Bingham, Jr.'s the fifth calldown & the second IUFB (and first regular one this morning) is that jura Impressa C5 machine (Amber & Manuela).

Cayla: $500/Charles: $726/Debra: $575/J.C.: $400

ARP: $999

Bald-headed Charles (A used car salesman from Alhambra, CA) plays Coming or Going for a WWII-inspired home office (Rachel).

Coming: $6,139
Going: $9,316
PICK: Coming

(Note: Drew nearly told George to go ahead & call the next player when they were going to the first break & just told him to temporarily say goodbye.)

Player #6's Deann Trotner & a car could follow the win of a PROSHOX ELITE2 treadmill (Amber behind rising sign).

Cayla: $1,900/DEANN: $1,750/Debra: $1,800/J.C.: $1,350

ARP: $1.5K

J.C. looks like he may have had some of that Sanka, because he's ready to go in winning the Civic Coupe (Std., Remote, Mirror, Net)(Manuela) playing Money Game. Look at this board:


I'm not sure what's the deal w/ all but two of the number pairs ending in one. At least they correctly used the coupe/sportscar graphic for this playing.

1. 19- FRONT ($ 1 9 , 4 _ _)
2. 91- $
3. 20- WASTED PICK (111)
4. 71- $ (182)
FINAL PICK: 51- WIN! ($19,451)

(Note: His wife's named Song.)

SCSD #1:
Michael ($785): THREE QUARTERS
Charles ($7,138): SECOND $26K WINNER OF THE SEASON (he nearly loses his shorts & Drew has a laughing fit)!!!
J.C. ($21,133): 95 + 80 (second spin of the BUCK was a dud) = OVER BY T.Q.

Video Bonus: Funny $26K Win

After the host gets it together during the next break, George calls on Canadian Christopher Alionis & in the clam's some Tory Burch ladies' accessories (Rachel).

Cayla: $1,800/Deann: $1,801/Debra: $1,200/CHRISTOPHER: $550

More bonus money going out the door, because Debra exacta'd that one! She then plays Pushover for a one-week trip to Turtle Bay (Amber):


She pushes only as far as $8,628...because that's the price!

Next to possibly win is Gabrielle Boimann & one of those splitting signs unveils a pureflame eco-friendly fireplace (Amber).

Cayla: $1.5K/Deann: $599 (OOPS)/GABRIELLE: $600/Christopher: $1,350

ARP: $1,099

Gabrielle from Cincinnati plays Pathfinder for the Chevy Sonic HB (Std., Stereo)(Amber). Board:


SPs (Rachel):
Cake pop maker: $20 or $35?
Chopper: $15 or $27?
Knife set: $124 or $188?

First Turn:
1. 8

Second Turn:
1. Cake pop maker's $20

Third Turn:
1. Chopper's $15
2. 7

1. Knives are $188
2. 6

Alicia Dixon again plugs in the orange & Cayla's last opportunity to win her way on stage comes on the Novara mountain bike that Manuela's riding.

Cayla: $700/Deann: $1.5K/ALICIA: $150/Christopher: $650

ARP: $649


Because Christopher was over by a dollar, Alicia (a caregiver from S.D.) gets lucky & plays 2 for the Price of 1 for some Gourmet Grillware by Wilton Armetale (Rachel) & a kitchen (Amber), a total package worth $7,372.

First Digit: 6 or 9?
Second Digit: 4 or 7?

Third Digit: 0 or 5?

Freebie: SECOND ($-7-)
FA: $675- WIN!

SCSD #2:
Gabrielle ($1,302): $.70
Alicia ($8,021): 55 + NICKEL = $.60
Debra ($10,328): TWO DIMES

TRIPCASE (six nights for each)(Door #2):
Left- Riad Kniza in Marrakech, Morocco (Amber)
Right- Xanadua Island Resort in Ambergris Caye, Belize (Amber)
Inside- Hotel Schloss Monchstein in Salzburg, Austria (Rachel)

GABRIELLE BIDS $18.5K ON TRIPCASE- BIG GARF (ARP: $28,744)(Diff.: $10,244)

Door #1- SAMSUNG 51" plasma HDTV w/ Playstation3 package & $1K (Rachel)
Door #3- Sea-Doo Challenger (Manuela)


Is Charles at least the biggest solo winner this season one day after the season's first DSW?...

...NO, HE OVERBID BY $982- IF HE HAD TAKEN $1K AWAY FROM THE BID ON HIS SHOWCASE OR HE HAD USED HIS $28.5K BID ON THE TRIPCASE, HE WOULD'VE MADE BACK-TO-BACK DSWs HAPPEN AGAIN & BEEN THE BIGGEST OVERALL WINNER THIS SEASON W/ $89,400 IN CASH & STUFF. Darn it. But he's still the top winner this day w/ $33,138, while Gabrielle flies away w/ $30,046.




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